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    Yup. And the reason they’ve been “stagger” releasing it is because they know they will get flooded with tech support issues, it will chew up a ton of very expensive server bandwidth – and too many people will experience all these issues and add to the noise.

    Last I checked, they had up to 16K in the PTU 2.0 now.

    Hyco Cam

    Only place to post peeves without getting bombarded, so here goes: The PTU. Back in 2012–there were 200,000 Alpha slots available. Nevermind that 200,000 alpha testers is batshit crazy. Fast forward a few stretch goals and another 50K alpha slots are added. A whopping 250K alpha testers. Many at the time doubted the wisdom of having a quarter of a million “testers”–the noise ratio would simply be too high. 250K seems more like stress test numbers than alpha.

    But hey that was 2012 and 2013. Before there was anything to test/play. Fast forward to 2015, and here we sit–brand new, playable tech released and only a handful get access? Apparently, there are multiple levels of “Alpha” tester. Subscribers, streamers, “upstanding” community members tend to be the Alphas of the alpha testers. Give to the more vocal. Stomp those that complain as being impatient and childish. Can’t think of a better way to build a cohesive community…

    I shudder at the community if this game ever does see the light of day as a single server MMO. Several large, all powerful groups run by slightly (ok, severely) unbalanced folks consumed by the game… Sign me up!


    It happens sometimes in TweetDeck that when you click to block someone, if it’s scrolling, you end up blocking the wrong person. I ONLY ever block people who are rude to me or who make personal attacks. If you look in my feed right now, there is a lot of open debates with various people and nobody is blocked. The same respectful debates we have here in the blog discussions.

    Also sometimes my media person (who has access to my social media accounts) may block someone if they are not familiar with them or if they think they’re being rude or trolling (only I get to troll in my feed).

    So tell me your Twitter handle and I’ll look into it and unblock if everything looks OK. If you don’t want to provide your Twitter handle in public, just email me directly to dsmart at live dot com



    Can I ask why you just blocked me on twitter? We’ve gone back and forth a few times about SC and LOD, and it’s always been civil. I think you make some valid points that are (unfortunately for everybody) obfuscated by some of your more… impassioned… discourses. You made a comment about the number of players in an SC 2.0 instance, and I questioned the number of players in LOD. This was not a personal attack by a white knight. It was a valid, objective measure of the standards you hold others to and how it relates to the standards to which you hold yourself.

    So, I ask again, why did you block me on twitter? It doesn’t seem to jive with your typical “I’m open to rational disagreements” narrative. Seems like you’re just blocking anybody that dissents.

    D Man

    2.0 just announced. Just an FYI.

    Some Dude

    I think for folks who are kicking in a modest amount of money for a project, I would agree that some livestreams, weekly reports and forum updates would be sufficient. The Webcam idea might be a little too Orwellian for some, but hey you never know.

    What I mean by “Investor and backers” are firms and individuals that have substantially more money involved in a game’s production and are expecting more than just a copy of the game, some chachkies and DLC i.e. a share in the profits. Typically these larger entities want to see financial reporting and production input that is normally kept private and it takes time and energy to secure these types of communications.

    lir big

    “-Investors and backers will start requiring more transparency, which probably isn’t a bad thing, but too much could cause studios to burn a lot of time and money providing it”

    Actually not. All it takes is put few livestream webcams and weekly reports, forum comunication and honesty.
    No need for the whole “10 questions to xxxx” and other useless features (aka cit-game-etc-con) that show nothing, that cost huge money and that CIG is precisly doing.


    Of course it’s something. And I don’t begrudge the few people who find value in it. That’s not what my blogs are about. If you’re happy with a bunch of broken, half-baked modules, that’s fine. Nobody is going to fault you for that. Same as how nobody gets to tell another person how to spend their money, if they choose to buy JPEG ships for a game that, for all intent and purposes, will never see the light of day.

    And if the project collapses tomorrow, and you’re happy with what you’ve got from the three modules, that’s all good too.

    It’s all about context and I have never professed to speak for anyone, let alone everyone. But judging by the number of people asking for and getting refunds, or who are still waiting for their refunds, my guess is that I’m not alone in my assessment of this project.

Viewing 8 replies - 89 through 96 (of 104 total)
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