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    Hi Derek

    Can you share with us what kind of information (if any) you will make available from the legal action track (once it starts)?

    Daniel G

    Derek, there’s a password on your latest blog, how do I get it? Can’t wait to read it!

    moon raker

    I could not let Sandi epic gamescon speech go unrewarded ,I gave her the Oscar she dreams about

    Also parody of bens weekly bullshit show

    Mike B

    Looking forward to the new blog, also digging the new forums. I think for me the only good thing that’s come from Star Citizen so far is that it’s educated me on what projects to stay away from and what signs to look out for.

    Daniel G

    Derek, can’t wait for your new blog to hit the Internet!!! And yeah that TwinBros. GmbH thing sounds very shady.
    And also looking forward to your legal action and how CIG will handle it (so far they’ve handled everything not very professional).


    Remember what I said at the end of Aug 2015?

    Well that’s precisely what is playing out atm.

    • I don’t believe that there will be [b]anything[/b] tangible in the upcoming AC 2.0. And by the time the dust settles, everyone will be wondering why it’s not AC 1.47 (or whatever)
    • I believe that they will try to get that 2.0 build out in the PTU in time for the anniversary sale on or before 11/26.
    • That 2.0 build won’t i) have fps (aka Star Marine) in it ii) have anything “persistent” about it iii) have [b]anything[/b] previously promised (see below) in it
    • Probably won’t support any new ships. And if it does, there will be maybe one multi-crew ship (still trying to find out which one is the likely candidate)

    And whatever they release as 2.0 is purely designed as more smoke and mirrors to show “progress”. So it will be a buggy mess in PTU until well into 2016. Lest you forget, AC is still a buggy mess. And whatever it is they currently have in the PTU is best not even discussed. Remember, they still can’t even get buggies to work right.

    Going into 2016, we’ll be dealing with v2.0x builds; all of which will remain in the same buggy state that the current v1.xx builds are in.

    [b]Four years. $94m+. 500+ people. Still talking pre-Alpha. And no game in sight[/b]

    2016 is the mad rush to get a scaled down version of EP1 of SQ42 out. Depending on how much they want to cut, it probably won’t happen. Which is why they are currently hiring more people at Foundry 42 because all bets are now being placed on SQ42.

    Then I hear today that, amid all this, Roberts is still doing mocap shoots. Seriously.

    In case you all have forgotten (1, 2, 3)


    Yeah, those were the glory days. Back when you actually had to read a manual to play a game the way it was meant to be played 🙂

    btw, Universal Combat CE, the spiritual successor to Battlecruiser 3000AD is currently free on Steam.

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    MDrake SC

    This end game will be long and drawn out. Patience is a virtue, but with crazy amounts of public money at risk, the customers are still on the losing end.

    I hope the next blog hits like a jackhammer. Seems it will be a very long time before the Escapist and Defy make a move.

    On a tiny note, MaxLexandre is the white knight of the ED forum thread, and does not consider the loss of Dan Tracy as important. “Oh i heard about him, but he wasn’t any Lead Engine coder” and “It certainly means something, yes.”

    These people don’t want SC to fail, yet completely lack the critical thinking that it takes months to get new technical designers up to speed and that burns up funds.

    Scratch that. Crucible sale coming soon. If not that, the anniversary sale. All funding issues are “solved.”

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