Once more into the breach

With the resurgence of all these space combat games, I have decided to revisit my long running space & planetary combat simulations. Back in 2009, I did a v2.0 refresh of the 2007 Universal Combat CE and which had various improvements. That was the last game of its kind that I did before moving on to Line Of Defense MMO (currently out on Steam Early Access).

Due to the fact that the Battlecruiser games and their spiritual successors, Universal Combat games, are highly complex, deep and massive, this refresh is only going to focus on updating the graphics and audio. It will also add a new campaign story line which deals with the events surrounding the showdown between Galactic Command and Insurgent forces in Lyrius leading up to the skirmish featured in the Line Of Defense game.

None of the gameplay features are going to be touched, nor anything added. If you are new to these games or have yet to check them out, you can view the entire docs for Universal Combat CE online (manual, commands, tutorial).

This new title, Universal Combat Advanced (Twitter, Facebook) is due out later this year on Steam.