GDC 2013 – Female Dancers At IGDA Party

So this just happened at GDC 2013 in San Francisco.

Here, let Forbes explain it. Really? IGDA Party At GDC Brings On The Female Dancers

Then here’s Polygon’s take on it. IGDA draws backlash, member resignations over female dancers at GDC party

I have supported IGDA for years. I am a lifetime member, sponsor (e.g. 3000AD co-sponsored the IGDA party at GDC 2012), speaker, on the board of our local chapter etc.

However, without any lengthy missive, effective today, I withdraw my support & that of my company, 3000AD.

I have been in this industry long before it was even an “industry” and the many friends, male and female alike I have made along the way, are very dear to me.

However, as I have stated clearly in public interviews, Twitter posts and on my Facebook page, the industry’s general stance toward women in gaming is atrociously understated and the inequality therein is something that we – as males in the business – should be ashamed of.

And so, this sort of thing, coming from the ranks of the IGDA just happens to be the last straw for me.

I simply don’t care who was at fault (that’s why if you are seeking sponsorship, know the devil you’re dealing with) because passing the buck never did resolve anything. This should never have happened. Period. End of story.

And the first person who gives me some crap about cheerleaders at a football game, is getting un-friended just for being stupid. Women, I love. Stupid people, I have no patience for.