The Redemption Of Derek Smart

…so it all comes full circle. Man, this brings back memories of just how much we’ve all grown up. Retirement is looking good right about now.

Russ did a fair piece, though I do not agree with some of his statements e.g. If we go by the formula that every derivative (which includes sequels) work is the same game, then we might as well go tell the industry that they’ve only made hundreds of games – not thousands. Just because they are derivatives, doesn’t mean they were free to make and that they don’t count. I mean, we’re not talking about books getting a second edition refresh here. By his submission, discounting derivations and sequels as not counting is like saying that all the derivative works in media (movies, TV shows, games etc) don’t count either. Funny that.

Anyway, you can read the piece (a mashup of interview, preview, opinion) over on Polygon.

It also reminds me of a similar article by Computer Gaming World back in 2001, and another article by Computer Games Magazine back in 2007. Ah, memories.