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      Hmmmmm . For real, it’s now plain cult. It is not like we didn’t know about the odd managment method SG and CR use though. Remember Sandi saying something like ” Chris is the only one that can make/think this vision, without him there’s no game’ . He’s the only one, only him, him only can do. and she’s been the best at seeing that since we know well when. Odd.
      What’s her background? Everything she fracking say (aside from beeing totally stupid 99% of the time) tend to lead to think about scientology, ACN, Herbalife, or any other cult/scheme buisness.
      She had to learn all that somewhere.

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      lir big


        If you’re reffering to the last ATV  and about the Bengal KS vanity ship, my bet is that they’ve basically shown the making of the next s42 Gamescon trailer-cinematic . Wich is what they’ve all been doing for 4.5 years : making shiny bright cinematics for conventions and luring people saying is ingame engine footage. Oh and mocap holidays for CR and SG of course.
        And wtf was this ‘shipshape’ promotional segment with Nick Elms.

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        lir big

          Masterpiece posts, it should be mind opening for whoever claims to be a ‘wait&see’ backer.

          We all want to believe that. I want to believe that. But at the same time it reeks of the modern of “just throw more money at it and it will automatically be better” mentality.

          And because it seems that big  and shiny,  people are having hard times admitting CR and crew are a bunch of liars.
          Wich brings to another gem, the now too infamous ‘weeks not months’ . It’s been one year lol.

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          lir big

            @Martinj Otto

            Indeed, that’s what we’ve been asking to ourselves for sometimes too. you raised a great point wich is part of the few unanswered mysteries :

            _ Are there really 300+ employees?
            _ Are there really like 1 million backers ?
            _ Have people really gave 116 millions+$ to CR,?
            _  Is the funding chart real ? at least we know that one to be fake for sure, because it went down once and back online numbers had changed lol.
            As for the formers, we can’t prove but we believe them to be fake.

            okay let’s assume they really have 260 people working there, this is my opinion :

            _ A good share at dev team : ships design/f42, crytech team, whatever myriad of specific tech team CR had thought of.
            _ A  good share on the mocap stuff  seeing how important it is to CR eyes
            _ A share on promotional stuff
            _ A share on an oversized community team : they couldn’t play the censorship card and control everything on their website + monitoring backers activities elswhere without a good share.
            _ 15 corporates companies in wich the eventual employees would work in.

            Hmmm so yeah, either wtf have they been doing, or they are not 300 working there, and that would explain a lot.

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            lir big

              Very nice ! always good when you guys take the time to dig what CR has said then compare. BatGirl could use your video as she was wondering why us , fracking trolls, are trolling Startrollizen.

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              lir big

                Well there is nothing but thrown ideas/vision of Chris Robert in a non-structural manner. The millions $$ enabled him to test his ideas. Beside that, they have modded cry3 engine and made a couple of  test-builds (the ‘modules’). The PTU, ArcCorp, Arena Commander, Star-Marine is all that is : unachieved mods and maps from the cry3 editor. Just some test builds.
                I used to map then mod for Half-Life then Quake3 Arena back 15 years ago, then did a bit for HL2. Some of the greatest mods on those games are by far more complex than anything CIG has been able to release so far. Only because modders are limited by the game tech limitations.
                Back to CR, not that core-idea wasn’t good from the begining, but only because he used the wrong tech for the job.
                It is a simple as that : when you have one 700k poly ship but your gfx can run 1 million/s its fine. But what then whe you have 2 then 3 etc, then you have to add the buildings, cities, etc etc.
                For example , Arc Corp will never grow up to the huge city they claim it was to be because of the computer limitation.
                Same goes for anything they produce; It is too big for nowadays tech. That’s why it is splitted across different “modules”, in reality different mod/maps builds.
                This is what Derek has been saying all along from the begining and why they should have made their own engine.

                As for the core idea of SC, the concept, well, Elite:Dangerous has grown up to the point it nearly got everything SC claimed to have and even more ( 400billions systems right from the start). The next COD looks like all Sq42 claimed to be , Dual Universe has a similar approach as SC, talking about AAA games; and there are so many others that already do what SC claimed to be revolutionary, Space Engineer, Empyrion, Angels fall first etc.
                the great ‘Vision’ (and this is how the cult started) CR had is now old. Nothing new, it’s been done.

                And then when this scam gets undercovered , the IP will be doomed anyway, and anything related to CR and SG will be avoided.

                If you see and understand these things, then you know there is nothing that can be salvage from this ‘project’.

                Now there is a lot of space for fresh new crowdfunded space game project, maybe this time without the ultra high expensive access, and no guru lead.

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                lir big

                  Yes, all of this, very good sum of what we’ve basically been saying.

                  “The only reason IMO that croberts is STILL running his scam is because he successfully created a cult”

                  Absolutely. You have pointed out something very important imo wich is a core to this whole waste.


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                  lir big

                    I’ve read somewhere (I’ll try to retrieve the link ) a former employee explaining how the word from the head-execs is : make that asset as fast as possible  and move on to something else. From that it is easy to see indeed why the AC, Hangar , Arc-Corp, Ships, PTU, don’t seem to gain any improvements. Port Lolisar got new shops? Okay, but its still a buggy mess that goes worse each time they patch. Ships revamp ? Okay but why am I still falling throught the Retaliator floor lol.
                    Then you would say what are they working on about if it is not for fixing bugs ? Shitizens will say the have been hard working on S42 and hiding most of the stuff away ( before that they were claiming how they had been hard working on StarMarine, and now when you ask them they don’t remember it , FPS is ingame lol). We know that not to be true.
                    Besides the ships , the only other explanation is that they’re working on keeping the cash grab machine up and running.
                    So indeed, it seem to be a combination of mismanagment – would bet on CR ; scam buisness plan style – lol I let you bet on who; and loosy lawyer specialized in laundering plans – hello Ortwin.
                    have the 3 of them together and you have the best Con-Team ever.
                    For real, people tell me I’m up to the extreme, indeed it sounds like extreme, but come on, everytime you try to compare an hilarious thing CIG does with a scam pattern : it fits.

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