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      Derek Smart wrote :

      Clearly you have reading comprehension issues because I’m not sure how anyone – with fully functioning brain – will read the blog and come away thinking that I was accusing them of money laundering. Nice try.

      The rest of your missive is not worth responding to. Just remember the rules, keep it clean or your posts get deleted and you IP banned. My house, my rules. Take that anti-social abusive shit to Reddit.


      Sorry. I didn’t mean to insunuate anything. I was simply sharing my views and opinions based on what you wrote.
      As you well point out, “your house, your rules”.
      I’ve been paying attention to the things you point out, but I’m not taking sides….yet.

      Regarding the money laundering part.
      Here is the thing. In the article you have the following topic title : “THE GIZMONDO MONEY LAUNDERING CONNECTION”

      And you start by stating that four of the six top execs, throught their previous company Warthog were associated with the Gizmondo money laudering operation.

      This is what you wrote.
      But the only thing you present is that they worked at Gizmondo. None of them were charged for anything. There was no suspicion.
      But still, you decided to use the above title in your article.

      Let me be clear. In my post when I refer to manipulation, I don’t mean that you intent to manipulate people.

      In previous posts you made a good point regarding Sandi speech in CitizenCon. You pointed out that she is an actress and that her speech was just theater.
      I understood your point. That might have been manipulation.

      This is why I’m bringing this up. Trying to connect CIG employees to the Gizmondo money laundering scheme may look like it as well.

      Don’t get me wrong. I just want this issue resolved for better or worst. But me and others here have put real money to support projects like this.
      I want to be informed and that is why I listen to you and I’m honestly concerned.
      But I need concrete facts. Evidence. Not more speculation and trying to tie people to events that may well have been out of their control.

      In your response post, you point out that you weren’t accusing them of money laundering. So why are you trying to associate them with that?

      Derek, the reason I point this out is because I want the truth to come out and you have brought out some interesting information.

      So take my post as constructive criticism. Not an accusation or attack.

      in reply to: Star Citizen – Interstellar Pirates #1564

        Hi Derek,

        I’ve read your latest blog post and in all seriousness, 5 months have past since your first blog post and your promise that you would be moving forward with a lawsuit.

        You continue to make some serious accusations but don’t get me wrong. Its speculation. GIZMONDO money laundering? Are you now claiming that Chris and company are part of the Swedish mafia?
        Do you have any proof that they were in anyway involved in that?
        And by the way. As you know Erin Roberts has developed several recent well received games. Do you have any evidence he has ever done anything wrong?

        Look. Obviously some people will believe in you. As well as some people belive CIG isn’t doing anything wrong.
        But this just shows that you have turned this into a political battle. White Knights vs Derek Smart and so on.

        Some may choose to believe you and may disapprove how CIG handles SC development, but in the end if you just continue on this accusation path without actually moving forward with the lawsuit you have promissed, people will simply stop believing any word you say.

        People are free to choose what they want to believe in. Recently there have been rumors that No Man´s Sky is facing dificulties and probably will be cancelled.

        Back when The Witcher 3 was being developed, there were accusations that PR was creating an overblown impression of the game that didn’t exist, (similar to SC) and the team was in crazy crunch time.
        As we now know, The Witcher 3 is now considered one of the best SP RPGs of all time.

        Final warning?
        I hope so Derek. Because I’ve been here reading your posts, sharing what I hope are constructive opinions and I for once want this issue resolved once and for all.
        So, I’ll make a final warning as well.

        CIG obviously won’t respond to your accusations. As such you now either move forward with a lawsuit, or if you don’t, you’ll just loose any support you have.

        One way or the other, the manipulation needs to stop. We’re talking about real money, Real investments. Its not a game.

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