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      I would have let that slide since you know alot more about this than me, if it wasn’t for the last comment 🙂 Because I did read that article when you linked it on twitter and it says “The company, and Chris Roberts, are almost certainly public figures, or at least limited-purpose public figures in the gaming world. That means they’d have to prove actual malice to win a defamation case.” which is kinda what I wrote, wasn’t it? That since the Escapist wrote it about public figures the burden is on CIG to prove escapist knew what they wrote wasn’t correct? Or is my english bad again?

      LOL!! OK fine, I get it now. And you win that one 🙂

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        @Michael Exactly!

        It’s clear that those toxic members of the community think they’re doing the right thing by defending him, the game etc. That’s all well and good. But people who are horrible by nature, will do horrible things without prompting. Getting them to do the right thing, is always harder.

        And he has to know just how bad it is. He takes time to do all those 10FC shoots, writing updates, taking time to slam myself, The Escapist etc. So he can very well take the time to post his disapproval of what these morons are doing. But he won’t. And neither will Sandi, Ben, Lando et al because these morons do (by attacking me, dissenters etc) for them what THEY can’t do themselves. So they are OK with it.

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          @Anchorite Your post was deleted. While you have not been banned, I invite you to edit your post (assuming you have it stored) to remove any/all personal attacks, statements which are veiled personal attacks etc and keep it strictly about the discussions within the blog. Anything else, you can go post on Reddit where it belongs.

          Thanks for understanding.

          ps: If you want to see what respectful disagreement and discourse looks like, take a look at Kristoffer’s posts or the many posts in the older blog comments.

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            Indeed. And the effects of this are already being felt. Several space combat games have failed to fund.

            Everspace, which is led by space combat veterans, funded recently

            Into The Stars barely funded.

            Lord Of Rigel didn’t make it

            Infinity Battlescape is struggling and probably won’t make it because it needs an average of 5K more backers to raise $70K within the next 14 days.

            Here is a list of all Kickstarter space combat games (some are pure crap) that have failed to fund since 2012.

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              “I’m faily sure, and Derek can correct me on this, that taking things through legal is merely a way of getting an approval that “we can’t be sued for this” rather than “everything here checks out as facts”, even though the only lawyers I’ve worked with have been corporate busines/merger/acquisition lawyers”

              No, that’s not how that works. You have to ensure that you “source” material that is stated/posted. You just can’t just make up shit. And even so, it still does NOT prevent you from being sued. If you post it “knowing” it to be false and it is found to be false when you get sued, that’s when you lose.

              You can get sued for anything you post and/or say. If and when that happens, that’s when you have to show the material you used etc. Read this article regarding the legal threat that Ortwin sent to The Escapist. It will give you an idea of how it works here in the US. Also this article.

              e.g. If I were to get sued for my statements about the Gizmondo connection, well, they will lose because it would be found to be true (they were associated with the company). But if I said “these guys were involved in money laundering”, knowing it to be false, and I get sued – I will lose if I can’t prove that they were in fact involved in that because that’s a very serious allegation.

              And The Escapist got information from sources (anonymous only to the public). If they were sued, then those sources would be deposed under law. And then it is their testimony – under oath – that will determine whether or not they made false or true statements to The Escapist. The Escapist has nothing to do with that. And since they found their sources (like mine) to be credible, that’s why they chose to stick to their story.

              And no, nothing you just wrote applies to any US laws. Stick to Swedish law because I’m sure it will be more familiar to you. 🙂

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                People forget that as a very vocal and public figure, living in a “sue happy” country, I have to be very careful with what I post, say etc. Even Free Speech can only take you so far.

                e.g. with this Gizmondo thing. Were it false, not sourced etc, or if I were insinuating that these four were part of that money laundering scam, that’s a lawsuit right there. But the fact is that all of these people mentioned were part of Gizmondo, regardless of whether or not they were a part of any wrong-doing. That was the point of my bringing it up. That aside from the fact that it is a well known fact that most White Collar criminals never get caught; and there are innocent people accused of crimes, sitting in jails.

                Also, I gave them a final chance because, well i) I do NOT want to see this project fail ii) lawsuits are NOT fun iii) since this month is the expiration of the TOS, it is only fair to see if they are now willing to comply with such reasonable and fair requests.

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                  Hey Kris,

                  1) Just because you’re Swedish, doesn’t mean you know the facts. That would mean that me being American, know everything that goes on here.

                  The research into the Gizmondo farce is quite extensive and factual. Or I wouldn’t put it in a blog knowing that legal action looms in the air. You’re smarter than that. In fact, there are hundreds of accounts of what happened with that.

                  And it’s irrelevant whether or not it’s called “Uppsala” or “My Gang”. The fact is that it was a money laundering scheme for which a lot of people got busted and it resulted in a sudden catastrophic collapse and loss of investor (I got to communicate with two of them btw) money.

                  I deliberately didn’t delve too much into all the intricacies of that farce because that was NOT the point of the blog or that section. The point was to illustrate how these people have been involved in multiple studio & venture collapses over the years; regardless of HOW or WHY those collapses occurred.

                  2) My opinion remains. And it’s just not me saying it. I actually did a Google search before making those statements. You should try it.

                  And no, I never said that the entire community was toxic. That’s nonsense because that would include me, my friends, people I know etc. Read what I wrote.

                  3) That’s irrelevant. She chooses to use her maiden name. I use it for context since that’s the name that everyone is used to seeing because of the fact that they chose to keep their marriage hidden for so long. Even my wife uses her maiden name. Here in the US, not all women change their names when they get married. And they do it for various reasons. Some of which relate to careers, family heritage etc.

                  4) I’m not even going to get into that because I wouldn’t know where to begin. By your submission, something that DID happen, shouldn’t be written about because it just happened on some blog. Seriously?

                  5) Again, you’re arguing semantics. Chris Roberts is The Chairman of the Star Citizen project. He is the leader of all things. And that, by its very definition, makes him the leader of the community that his game curated. I mean seriously, you’re arguing about this?

                  6) That’s your problem, not mine. I know more than you and tend not to pick numbers out of a hat. Plus, the many reports to that also come from people who know more than you.

                  7) You’re missing the point. That has nothing to do with whether or not they are a private company. The point is that community leaders and people like you, are making up bullshit excuses for why the company should not show financials. All of the reasons are ludicrous. Which is why I used Frontier as an example of a small game publisher/developer – and competitor – that makes their financials public. Posting financials doesn’t give ANY enterprise an edge over another.

                  8) He is the CFO. It’s not on that site because they haven’t listed it. Pretty much how they haven’t filed their financials. All it takes is one phone call to find out. Pick up the phone.

                  9) Just because they are in the same office building doesn’t make their positions any less different. Are you suggesting that, Ben and Lando, being low-level employees, have the same clout, responsibilities, standing etc as Sandi? Are you serious right now?

                  10) I realize that English is not your primary language, but I’m not going to waste my time explaining to you what “uncovered” means. Ask someone else to do it. They DID uncover it. It was reported to them. They asked questions. Thus….forget it, this is a waste of my time.

                  11) Don’t care. That was not the point of that paragraph.

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                    Seriously, Chris really thinks that people play flight games with a track ball. That is all.

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