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      I like Eve. I was there from the start and 3 years in.

      Chris Roberts is not really a multiplayer game designer – at least not the way the Eve devs were. I think the pvp aspect mainly. I dont think CR can adopt Eve principles easily because he will never truly understand them. He’s mainly a pve guy and his focus and talent is immersion.

      Star Citizen can never be about the grind for more stuff. Many things will sabotage this. 2 major things are the funding scheme as you just stated but also the fundamental game design. Grinders dont want immersion. They dont want to spend minutes walking into and out from a ship or looking at the scenery og listening to a sound of the virtual world the are in.  They want to earn isk (or whatever their goal is) fast and effective.

      I dont know if Star Citizen will be made. If it is made I dont know if it will be a succes because its doing something new or if people will only play it for 3-6 months (which in my book would be a fiasco in game design).

      Can we play a game for +1 year because we like to be immersed in the world it offers? I dont know. We do know that the “grind and reward” game setup works but I really dont see a way that SC can count on this as a driving factor to keep players interested.

      You could also argue that there is no reason for SC to be like mmo games we already know (then it could just as well be made using traditional development and funding methods). Its an experiement and I’m in for 40$ – no more no less 🙂






        Star Citizen is not being ported to DX12. Words fail me…

        While you were sleeping, news broke that the folks over at the Star Citizen camp were in the process of porting the entire custom engine (built on top of CryEngine3)…to DX12.

        Seriously. This news broke over night; and I’m still stumped.

        This for a game which, by all accounts and going from the recently rushed 2.0 pre-Alpha release, is so far off that only the whales still putting money into it have any hopes that they will ever see a game.

        $100m (triple-A title budget) crowd-funded, and over 4 years later, nothing but a glorified proof-of-concept tech demo exists.

        My guess is that, if they survive 2016, the next big piece of news is that the game is going to be ported to Xbox One.

        Not to mention the fact that this article confirms my suspicion that this is still a 32-Bit game with zones. NOT a seamless 64-Bit universe as has been pitched. It’s all right there on p6. And that has **very** serious implications for the game and those who are expecting a seamless universe as has been pitched.

        I mentioned that here last week.

        At this point, nothing further needs to be said. I’m just going to watch what comes next.

        MDrake SC

          @ Derek

          Is there anything about the lawsuit you can share about?

          Are there any ways that can be publicly disclosed to increase chances of getting a refund?

          CIG is handling refunds in 2 ways based on what I’ve found. Small refunds around $40-$500 are given easily if they are within some automatic refund process with a payment service. Refunds that can’t be auto refunded will be asked to send the remains to some send money payment service like Paypal. Large refunds that have both automated refunds and send money pieces will be left in half baked CIG limbo where the auto refund is done and the send money is ignored. This is where older backers who want out are being screwed over.

          CIG may not have been a scam at the beginning but they sure are doing scammy things now. I bet a lot of people need help with getting their refunds.

          I pointed out last time that refunds are now coming from a RSI International Limited. It’s obvious that CIG is reading what we post here.


            @MDrake lots of things going on that I simply can’t talk about publicly. The Nov 30th deadline has come and gone; and they haven’t satisfied the requirements of the original ToS.

            And yeah, we are aware of what they’re doing wrt refunds because we are still getting emails about this sent to [email protected]

            All I can say at this point is that if you know of anyone still having difficulties getting refunds, please give them that email address.

            I will keep you all posted once I have something that I can publicly share.

            MDrake SC

              We were talking about the nastiness of getting a refund and once we started dropping the names of customer service folks assigned to help us, things began to hit and click.

              Remember the CIG Employee’s Perspective forum topic that showed up after the Escapist article? The CIG employees that jumped to defend Roberts and Sandi? The employees that willingly rushed to protect their scam lord were Kraiklyn_CIG, Mike-CIG, pixelpicker or Patrick, Allie_C. At least 3 of these folks work in customer service, and are the same ones that have screwed people out of their refunds.

              I think Patrick pixelpicker is the forum lead moderator and might be someone high up in CS. An extremely dangerous person to have to deal with.

              Some employees may be scared shitless of making Roberts or Sandi mad but others will defend them bitterly. The ones that do defend bitterly are in CS and wielding the power to shit and screw folks over. Things are shit beyond FUBAR for everyone that want out.

              The refund amount and the CIG folks you are assigned will determine your refund chances.

              Derek, I think this is worth tweeting to see the feedback.

              lir big

                Again scam practises.

                This is the second time in a short time they officially advertise and sell something that is NOT available to everyone . ( 1st iteration beeing the scam referal program ).

                alpha 2.0 trailer

                Then poor attempt from CIG at “explaining” it.
                They love to come to us with unfortunate bugs and such that they have no idea where it comes from (lol).

                Meanwhile on the forums, they (edit : the backers) are trying to ask and understand. They still don’t get it but at least they interogate themselve about.


                lir big

                  Have you got any news from your refund?

                  Might you try selling on reddit to the cultists. Not only they’d love to buy your pledges but you’d get more money than refund.

                  lir big

                    lies too on youtube disclaimer.

                    2.0 trailer

                    backers are not happy.

                    They ask why why why, but still don’t dare to place the word “scam” into this mess.


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