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    MDrake SC

    Opportunity… Is it true that Crash Roberts has a cocaine problem? Or just a rumor? I bet no one can disclose or confirm it though… would be a nice thing to know. Lawsuit and defamation fodder keeps secrets hidden. Then NDAs keep the costs of that trailer hidden too…

    But yeah, that was one amazing wasted opportunity. I know it was deliberate… but to take such a risk… screw up, then backtrack in public… is stupid. I love how desperate they are.

    Derek putting pressure with his inside sources and lawsuits… being rich enough to pay for a lawsuit… Customers rebelling and revolting. White knights bickering and betraying… The possibility of Sandi shaming Chris in private…

    No one would have seen this coming back in 2012. Crash Roberts is da man for epic opportunity. We can expect more great things from a man that was sued $8 million by Kevin Costner.


    I don’t believe anything they say. I think it was deliberate because the awards gave them a platform to reach more people. So they took the opportunity to do it.

    Note that they didn’t show any such reel at CitizenCon. And what they showed, were all quick cuts from the same glitchy 2.0 build that’s currently in the PTU.

    To the extent that even hardcore White Knights are pissed (1, 2, 3) about this because, yes, it casts the game in a poor light. But then again, this is now a cash grab. So I’m not sure why anyone is surprised.

    Aside from that, it cost a LOT of money to show that trailer at the award. One more expense (marketing) that’s NOT going into the game as promised.

    ps: So that happened. More and more people bailing.

    MDrake SC

    You can’t fix stupid.

    But I think we are way past stupid. The english language needs new words to describe these folks.

    MDrake SC

    @ lir big

    Thanks for checking up on me. But nope. I’m screwed.

    No one is assigned to my ticket. Not surprised since I am $2,500 and CIG has no money to spare. I get all the generic “refund request in our queue” or “you have not been forgotten” messages from various CS folks. The gray market is crashing and it’s no surprise. Derek is living up to his promises which is a lot better than Crash Roberts. Lawsuits are slow, a process and all I can do is wait.

    At least I can sit by and watch Ben trip up. Good show there folks.

    lir big

    lies too on youtube disclaimer.

    2.0 trailer

    backers are not happy.

    They ask why why why, but still don’t dare to place the word “scam” into this mess.


    lir big

    Have you got any news from your refund?

    Might you try selling on reddit to the cultists. Not only they’d love to buy your pledges but you’d get more money than refund.

    lir big

    Again scam practises.

    This is the second time in a short time they officially advertise and sell something that is NOT available to everyone . ( 1st iteration beeing the scam referal program ).

    alpha 2.0 trailer

    Then poor attempt from CIG at “explaining” it.
    They love to come to us with unfortunate bugs and such that they have no idea where it comes from (lol).

    Meanwhile on the forums, they (edit : the backers) are trying to ask and understand. They still don’t get it but at least they interogate themselve about.


    MDrake SC

    We were talking about the nastiness of getting a refund and once we started dropping the names of customer service folks assigned to help us, things began to hit and click.

    Remember the CIG Employee’s Perspective forum topic that showed up after the Escapist article? The CIG employees that jumped to defend Roberts and Sandi? The employees that willingly rushed to protect their scam lord were Kraiklyn_CIG, Mike-CIG, pixelpicker or Patrick, Allie_C. At least 3 of these folks work in customer service, and are the same ones that have screwed people out of their refunds.

    I think Patrick pixelpicker is the forum lead moderator and might be someone high up in CS. An extremely dangerous person to have to deal with.

    Some employees may be scared shitless of making Roberts or Sandi mad but others will defend them bitterly. The ones that do defend bitterly are in CS and wielding the power to shit and screw folks over. Things are shit beyond FUBAR for everyone that want out.

    The refund amount and the CIG folks you are assigned will determine your refund chances.

    Derek, I think this is worth tweeting to see the feedback.

Viewing 8 replies - 41 through 48 (of 104 total)
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