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    MDrake SC

    For fund allocation, I can give you an answer. It is much cheaper and cost effective to run a game studio in Austin, Texas. The studio in Santa Monica, California is near a beach and extremely expensive. I do not know enough about the new Los Angeles studio to have a good say, but it would have been better use of backer money to expand Austin. Generally, crowdfunded projects should be using backer money in a conservative manner, to increase project success and minimize waste.

    There is another forum that is having fun tracking down all the expensive furniture their new studio has. The folks there are having a field day with finding $1,000-2,000 furniture used in CIG streams or shows. It’s damning.

    For buying JPEGS, it depends on which ones you own. Some of the stuff they sold back in November 2013 is still not available in any shape or form in the hangar. If Chris has shown no intention of delivering the product on time, what indication is there he ever will? Let alone turning old JPEGS sold into actual ships? Folks are spending more money to support the project, but it is an insane mistake since Chris never has to deliver more than the minimum.

    Lawsuits are a slow process. Don’t expect to hear anything for a long time. Derek shares what he can, and is working with his attorneys to keep things as public as possible.

    Send in your refund request asap. If you are just a tiny purchase, you have a tiny chance of getting a refund. For folks like me who spent $2,500… totally screwed.


    Ok, so I am going to preface this with…I am fairly new to the whole controversy.  I am a backer.  And I sincerely acknowledge that CIG has made several developmental and PR errors with the game.  I just finished reading what took several hours most of the blogs (skipping over the dramatic parts).  And I am considering getting a refund.

    Now that being said I am usually the guy that asks the tough questions but I do so only in the interest of keeping things fact based and examining the heart of the issue.  I do not ask the tough questions for the purpose of intentionally discrediting one side or the other.

    So specifically regarding the blog I wanted to try an organize this in a clear way:

    CIG Not Delivering On Promises:

    I totally agree with you here.  They have not delivered on any of their promises and that quite frankly really hurts their credibility.  This is one of the reasons why I am considering a refund.

    CIG is Mis-Allocating Backer Funds and is At Risk of Failing:

    So this is what confuses me as a fact based skeptic.  I know you firmly believe that they are misallocating funds, and maybe you have some info that I don’t, but to a guy like me I only see that they showing steady (but certainly not timely or fast) results.  Buying a bigger office to fit everyone….etc.  These are not indications of fund misallocation or at risk of failure.  Can you explain why you feel this way?

    Backers Buying JPEG’s for Ships:

    Again, I am not trying to be cynical towards any one side.  But I am not sure what your message is.  I agree that backers are buying pictures of JPEGS and quite frankly I can’t fathom why some would spend so much but its not my money.  I am not sure what the point of this part of the blog is about except for pointing out the fact that there are some fanatical people that aren’t frugal with their money.

    3 Years of Development vs 4 Years of Development

    This is a great point, but one I think needs to be proven and confirmed by facts.  You referenced an article, but after reading the article I didn’t really see where Chris admits that the game has been in full steam development.  I see a guy trying to raise funds to start actual development of the game.

    Anyways I think time will tell once this lawsuit finally gets underway and all the evidence finally gets out.


    Naturally, since pre-Alpha 2.0 was rushed out and continues to be a disaster, you can’t post stuff like this on the official forums without getting abused. And if you post it on the Reddit forum, the same thing happens; plus it gets down-voted to oblivion.

    Now it’s on wide release, more people get to see what they’re paying for and decide for themselves if they think it will ever finish in 2016; let alone ever see the light of day.


    Yeah, we’ve known for a while now that this “citizen” count was bogus. But each time I tweet it, they claim I’m making shit up. We don’t even think the actual user count is over 300K.


    You are precisely correct. And that’s what most of us have been saying since they prematurely released 2.0 ahead of the anniversary sale.

    diego pierangeli

    I see a common error from a non-developer perspective, the error is : ‘it’s a preview, so bugs are expected’.

    Bugs are not equals at all, there are 0-grade bugs, 1-grade bugs etc etc.

    A 0-grade is a bug that manifest itself when using a functionality as intended and using only that functionality; 1-grade bugs manifests when you use a functionality but only if you have 1 specific case, 2-grade if you must met two specific cases for trigger the bug etc etc (i’m italian, this could be explained better from an english native speaker..).

    0-grade bugs should not be present in the code in any state, because they must be addressed by the developer during its test, 0-grade integration bugs must be identified by the QA and addressed by the developer.

    By my experience 0-grade bugs are released in a software in large quantities when the developer are under pressure and don’t have the time to fully test their code.

    I have not tested the latest alpha 2.0, but i think that login problems or crash after 5 minutes are 0-grade bugs and this could be a sign of a rushed develop cycle.

    MDrake SC

    Time to say the white knight news. Almost a day ago, the white knights successfully suspended the outlook email that helped Derek put together the lawsuit. Those folks are celebrating in their hate reddit. New emails will likely be reported and suspended thanks to their constant monitoring for any dissent.

    Now there are two major foes. CIG is delaying and denying refunds. Customers are shutting down communities that are trying to get refunds.

    It’s insanely sad to see customers slashing at other customers. Cultists want the nonbelievers out and also shut down ways for the nonbelievers to exit. CIG has the zealots doing their work for them. For free.

    It’s just a matter of time until physical violence occurs if someone gets doxxed. Zealots are way too mentally unstable. Human scum is still way too nice to describe these folks. After all, every refund hurts their master’s dream.

    Personally, I want to see them beg for the dream to be saved. Right to the bitter end until the master is bankrupt or sent to prison. Nearly every investor or publisher will just scoff at the idea of a space sim for another decade. Serves those folks right.


    “…Note that they didn’t show any such reel at CitizenCon. And what they showed, were all quick cuts from the same glitchy 2.0 build that’s currently in the PTU.

    To the extent that even hardcore White Knights are pissed (1, 2, 3) about this because, yes, it casts the game in a poor light. But then again, this is now a cash grab. So I’m not sure why anyone is surprised.

    Aside from that, it cost a LOT of money to show that trailer at the award. One more expense (marketing) that’s NOT going into the game as promised.


    So in 2 sentences you went from complaining that the trailer looked cheap because it was showing live gameplay on the current test build of the game to saying that it was too expensive.

    Besides that, does anyone here notice the backpedaling going on? First there was no way to build the game, and now that there is a working build that was released specifically for people to help find bugs, you are focusing entirely on the bugs. As if bugs showing up at any point in a game’s development is a sign of impending doom. No, bugs happen when you build a game, as I’m sure you all know.

    As the people on this side of the issue keep pointing at bugs and laughing, CIG keeps releasing new patches nearly every day. Crashes and bugs are getting less and less frequent, while framerate is going up over all. When all you look at is bugs, you get a very skewed perspective of reality. I have been watching people stream the game since the first patch of 2.0 was released, and over the course of 11 patches it has gone from a bug-infested unplayable mess that would crash every 5 minutes, to a respectable test alpha where you can often play for more than an hour without crashing, with bugs less frequent now than ever before. Keep in mind, the ENTIRE point of the alpha being released to the TEST universe is for the testers to cause as many bugs and crashes as possible, so that they can be fixed sooner rather than later.

    Yea, CR’s estimated deadlines are ridiculous, and consistently unrealistically optimistic. If he did have a cocaine problem, that would actually explain a LOT, lol. But if you guys can’t see the progress being made towards star citizen being released, it’s only because you are intentionally not looking. I mean, posting a video of nothing but bugs, but never posting a video of normal gameplay is the most obvious case of selection bias possible. Instead of watching people play the game, you are ONLY willing to watch 5 second snippets of bugs that confirm your bias.
    As for 2.5k$ ships being sold, yea, that’s weird. I would never spend more than 100$ on a game, but I’m also not a very rich person. Some people are rich, and spend insane amounts of money on stupid things like 50,000$ dollar umbrella stands and caviar. Some of those people with enough money to throw thousands at their hobby of choice happen to be fans of the game, and instead of paying a mariachi band to follow them around playing their own personal theme song(or whatever it is rich people do these days), they just donate money to a company and receive a big-ass ship at some point in the future. How rich weirdos spend their money is their choice. I think it’s stupid, but I’m too cheap to spend more than 30 bucks on a joystick.

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