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    Your claim that ‘Star Marine’ is scrapped and “dead” are incorrect. You appear to be inferring they plan to never release it, instead drop the mechanics into PU. True, everything will get dropped in the PU at some point, but the ‘Star Marine’ module is still coming as a separate entity from the PU. Evidence by discussion of it on the latest ’10 for the Producers’ ( This question was answered after the live stream, and suggests that they still have plans that include it.

    It will be the same as AC, a VR game inside of Star Citizen, primarily functioning as a test bed for design and mechanics.


    Yeah, it’s very useful. Please have them send it directly to wethebackers at outlook dot com

    MDrake SC

    @ Derek

    One of my contacts got back to me and has small info about Ortwin showing up in payment histories. They claim to be only in the USA and have only bought stuff from RSI from the USA. They went through their payment history and noticed Ortwin came up a lot. CIG followed by Ortwin and this history goes for a bit of time before going back to CIG.

    Would this info be useful if you are still considering a class action lawsuit? They do not know if the info is useful or just another list of Ortwin related purchases with dates before they switch back to CIG. Where should I tell them to send it if you think it’s useful? If they do not get their refund, they have an interest in joining your lawsuit and I’ve already sent them the info in How to Obtain Relief and outlook email.

    I wonder just how many CIG has screwed over in the refund storm… It’s gonna be pretty bad for the folks that sent in their refunds months ago and got nowhere. Hell, I don’t know what to do. Is it true that Sandi is the human resources or customer service boss? She may be the one to pick and choose who gets refunded and screwed.

    Justin .

    Oh I just learned that if you want to have NPCs manning certain points on your ship… you going to have to pay RL cash for each NPC.

    lir big

    I confirm, the refund I got came from RSi Int as well. I can provide links if needed

    Hat Blappington

    @Von Neely I’m a ten year plus veteran of eve online I love the game and the company, what you’ve put is a misrepresentation of facts/reality, In EVE if you wallet warrior your way to a titan or super as a new player you have to buy the character to use it too. It is  literally the only class(supercapital)that isn’t coverable by insurance which as a vet or player you know the reason its not insurable is because they aren’t dockable.

    Goons and most other entities in EVE have SRP programs that replace losses for pilots regardless of ship(includes supers) class as well as the platinum insurance available on literally every other ship in the game meaning you only lose the fit on the ship(can be very expensive) Plexes killed a lot of rmt in EVE (this is why killing the greymarket is good business from CIG). But their biggest other use is to pay the fee for character transfers of which there are literally hundreds if not thousands a week

    GoonSwarms rise to power in EVE was through use of noob ships “blotting out the sun” was the motto of Goons on their rise to power when or if this game releases don’t kid yourself that both Goons and reddit/Test wont be buying in their droves to get dominance over each other and crushing or converting every organisation of power along the way IF OR WHEN THE GAME RELEASES THIS WILL HAPPEN check SA for goons future participation if you think it wont, I have been a GOON(Sponsored by an SA buddy) and i’ve fought GOONS, never in a bloc war just for lols.

    I can give you a counter for your LTI and shit has killed future game potential because if they lower the overall damage of base ship weapons making them unsuitable for PVP (ie EVE noobships) give market variants that don’t get insurance but take a few missions or some luck with salvage(if it happens) to get hold of or people can buy 5000 rec for ten dollars and buy a ships worth, arbitrary numbers btw, as long as they are achievable with a grind and not cash only stops P2W and raises money from whales same as a lot of other F2P games, as an EVE player you know what I’m saying can be adapted to fit another game ,its what makes EVE/CCP awesome.

    EVE online has 400 000 or so subs at the minute all paying 20ish dollars a month, even plexes have to be bought originally for rl moneys i believe this gives EVE an annual turnover of 108 mill usd,in gaming terms this is a tiny player base but if you do the maths that it gives a very impressive cash flow, servers and running costs last time I read btw were something like 29 million a year meaning if they stopped making stupid shit like Dust514 and WOD they would have a fabulous profit for a tiny playerbase and there are ways for companies to mimic what CCP do. That’s what a dedicated playerbase gets you, how can you see the future and know for a fact CIG money men can’t copy some parts of this for future funding?

    1) This is only a sidenote on if or when they get the game out, I guarantee neither

    2) Attack the argument not the grammar

    3) My opinion is based on ten years a player of EVE , 5 years a lowsec pirate, 1 year a WH dweller and 1 year in Goons the rest of my evetime I wasted on trying different lifestyles


    Tonci Jukic

    Is there a well know solution, aside from “a fix” that logarithmic z is? I’m an engineer, but I’m not an expert on 3D graphics; I’m pretty green in the modern 3D (only a year now, my work dates back to GL 1.0 and DX8 age where things were simple).

    What puzzles me is, how in Y2015 CIG can’t get the flight model correctly, while 15 years ago Volition did it just fine with FreeSpace 2 (nobody would find it bad today even) and then Independence War/2 did great newtonian model also 14 years ago. Where did Chris f.up?!

    Truth be told, I never really got that vision of going CryEngine for a space sim…

    MDrake SC

    I found this image of a refund.

    View post on

    Roberts Space Industries International Limited on November 23rd. Oh hey, his refund was a tiny $250. No shit CIG are ignoring large refunds like my $2,500.

    Nice to know the fine folks at CIG do read the blogs and maybe the forums too.

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