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    My new blog is going live in the AM. It was finished but at the last minute, something came up that legal needed me to source.Once you read it, you’ll see why.

    By the time I got around to doing that, it was already late and I was busy with other things.

    The blog will go live at this link tomorrow morning at 10AM EST

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    In case u missed this Star Citizen editorial when it first ran, go read it. I am chatting with Red this weekend.

    MDrake SC

    I meant specifically, can you release full images, cropped images, or host images with enough details about the Twin Bros GmbH on it?

    It would maybe require you to ask the customers that sent it or require some editing, but having those images out in the public, if possible, would be very helpful.


    @Derrick Thanks for stopping by. Your post is precisely the reason that more and more people are finally waking up, taking a long hard look at the project, and asking the tough questions.

    This whole SC fiasco has already had consequences in crowd-funding, and especially in the space combat genre as I posted earlier some examples.

    The sad reality is that, even if they do end up shipping something, it’s never going to live up to the hype. And that alone is going to keep this discourse going for years to come.

    And your R101 example is spot-on. However, even in the gaming sector, if you haven’t already, read up on the sudden and catastrophic collapse of 38 Studios back in 2012. The ramifications from that one are still on-going today, as are all the lawsuits that came from it.

    Chris had the chance to build a great game. He got crazy; and blew it. Again.


    I added some of the more hilarious 1.3 “buggy” videos to the blog. Here are the links.

    Remember: Four years. $94m. 500 people have worked on this game on and off since 2012.


    @MDRake we actually have several emails forwarded to us already regarding that Twin Bros company. We still do not know why refunds are coming from there. And of course they’re not going to tell us why. That’s what attorneys are for.

    That company has nothing to do with this project, other than it being an older shell company owned by Ortwin, one of the co-founders of Star Citizen project. It’s just one of the many Red flags we’re keeping track of atm. No clear answers.

    MDrake SC

    Derrick Avila:

    I just learned from Around the Verse: Episode 2.06 that CIG is spending money on a new studio in Santa Monica, CA. Actually Derek mentioned it some time ago but today is the first time I ever got official word.

    Chris Roberts is one loony guy. He “restructures” the Austin studio. The lead technical designer Dan Tracy is gone. Don’t forget that Dan Tracy worked from Santa Monica in the first place.

    They are just blowing money away. Extremely smart people are leaving. It will be possible to see a Constellation Phoenix or Crucible sale before the Nov Anniversary Sale.

    Chris and Sandi just gotta have that nearby Hollywood life with $20,000 coffee machines. Maybe the new office will be built with the decor of a Phoenix? Oh snap that glitz up!

    Derrick Avila

    hello Mr Smart,

    ive been following this whole thing ever since i somehow caught wind of it while surfing the web on break while working. i find it all to be very interesting and at the same time quite disturbing. the past few years ive been following star citizen on and off during its development ever since i saw a video of it on back somewhere in 2011 or 2012. i cant remember, its been a long time. the kickstarter era of this game had ended and so they moved on to start collecting backer money through their website. it was at this time before i think the game had even raised 20 million that i threw down 60 (and later on another 15) to get my origin jumpworks ship. several months later they let us throw in money for the exploration racing or the military spec one. so i threw in for the 325A.

    i was being told i was “being taken for a ride”, but i blew that off figuring that the game would begin to see a ramp up in development progress. we had the dog fight module out already, surely a beta couldnt be far off for at least several months to a year right? this was in 2013 i believe. well, its 2015 now and all we have now is still the lousy dog fight module and a single map of a race mode. that whole chat lobby thing i could care less about, that isnt GAMEPLAY. so as time went on i saw those crowd funding dollars pile up to the sky. we’re at 94 million and i am still just wondering when the fuck will i get to fly my 300i around space looking for trouble to stir up or find cool things to see. this game has been in pre-alpha now for how long? this brings me to my next worry should this project go belly up like you say…that is:

    this game will scar the crowd funding PC gaming scene for many many years. people will say “oh its not gonna do much damage, it’ll be yesterday’s news”. well i hate to say it but this game has piled up so much money, made so many promises, has stirred the pot in independent game development without publisher assistance, that its gonna be the next R101. you know, that giant zeppelin the british made all those years ago? the one that crashed in france that was a tragic and horrifying incident of legendary proportions? thats gonna be star citizen if this game isnt delivered with all those juicy features bragged about AT LAUNCH. thats what all these backers are expecting even if they say otherwise. its all just crazy knowing there are people who have dumped several thousand into this game, even crazier people have dumped enough money to put a down payment on a really nice home and property as well! so when they get a shell of a game, thats probably gonna be barely worth $20 that they have paid so much for…what then?

    my concern now at this point in time is what is it going to do to smaller indie devs and the crowd funding scene in general? i saw a post above that its already making waves. but when it crashes to the ground its gonna do really really big damage. damage that for years when people see another up and coming rising star of a game, people who are skeptical will say “well shit, here comes another star citizen incident. hopefully this one actually makes it past launch and stays with a player base beyond 1 month”. i am one of those gamers who is tired of the AAA gaming scene. we pay good money for incomplete or trashy games with many issues (like batman arkham knight on PC). they have all these huge budgets and we wind up throwing the game into the bargain bin shortly after (except witcher 3, that one is actually worth every dollar imo). indie games are there to give us things that we want outside your usual tentpoles. star citizen is gonna crash right on top of that because of arrogance, misallocation of backer dollars, and just plain fucking up. thanks for reading, i know ive repeated alot of what you already know but thats just how i feel about this whole mess. i think star citizen will come out, but we’re getting a frame with 1 seat, a steering wheel, junkyard tires, and not even a windshield or an engine. just push it down the hill and hope its steep enough.for 94 million dollars.

    Amir Jonis

    Hey, my Twitter is @AmirJonis. Thanks Derek!

    Here it is again, lmao 😀

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