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    MDrake SC

    Minor info to share.

    Goon leak says,

    This prick knows the square route of gently caress all. Like most of them that step in and talk oh so knowledgeably.
    In 2017 people will get the first bit of SQ42 which will involve some very basic scripted missions and a poo poo load of eye wateringly bad custcene.
    The console version will run parallel but come out much later. Pretty much everything that Chris has promised will never come out and now they are creating more and more online shows etc to drip feed this out.

    Well, looks like we’ll soon see what the “totally detached” Chris Roberts will demonstrate.

    Other info involves Moon Collider, the external developers handling the AI. Their introduction show is here. You can search their name in the Oct 2015 monthly report, Nov 2015 report… and even the Dec 2015 report… oh wait. They are not there. Let’s see Jan 2016 report… not there either. Looks like CIG threw out their AI partners to cut costs.

    My current summary is… SC has more money available thanks to people bailing and leaving. Chris will use the free cash to make more shows to milk the cash whales, since the game engine and gameplay experience are totally broken and unfinished. There will likely be a serious lack of new footage and content to show.

    No one gives the slightest concern to AI, when it is fundamental for a good single player campaign, let alone Vanduul Swarm or the Persistent Verse. Personally, I was really happy when I first saw what Moon Collider was working on, and it really made SC fun for solo and coop play. Now, they vanish without a trace from CIG. Sad.

    It’s been said before, but it requires mentioning again. Every aspect of Star Citizen is screwed. There is nothing fun to salvage, except for the train wreck entertainment factor. Of which, they may start mentioning Moon Collider or Kythera after reading this post. Can’t allow the whales to abruptly realize something is missing, gotta guide them slowly with mental gymnastics.

    The worse part? New people are still backing this ponzi scheme.

    lir big

    And you know the funny thing ? I discovered E:D because of SC back then when I didn’t know anything of the genre and wanted to try an actual finnished game. With that in mind that SC would certainly be better than E:D given the scope and funding. Well to this date I have like 77 euros invested into ED and been refunded 200 with the other thing.

    Thank you Chris and Sandi you made me discovered an awesome game/genre. Your truely.
    Horizon is really good btw, OKay lacking of features right now but I guess we all went “wow” when we saw the release schedule . But since Frontier has proven its seriousness…Just can’t wait for the end of 2016.


    Elite Dangerous review, by way of Star Citizen comparison

    Elite: Dangerous’ only real competition at the moment is Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen, a $100 million project that hasn’t gone much of anywhere in the time it’s taken Elite: Dangerous to launch and see an expansion on top of significant updates. Where Elite: Dangerous has a fully realized and expanded game launched and available for purchase (with a console release besides), Star Citizen has produced a barely-playable alpha while it continues to inhale backers’ money.

    One of these projects represents everything that can go wrong with video game crowdfunding: massive scope creep, management faux pas, and arrogant leadership, to mention just a few issues. CIG lead Chris Roberts’ recent statement that he was “annoyed” when backers continued to ask him about promised features really says all that needs to be said about Star Citizen.

    The other project represents what happens when a team that respects its own limitations gets the chance to do something big. More importantly, it represents what happens when that team respects the time and money of the backers who placed their faith in them. For that reason alone, Elite: Dangerous is an important game, and Horizons makes it even better. If you’re a fan of this sort of space sim, you owe it to yourself to check this out.


    Yup. And I tweeted about some of it earlier. Seriously, it’s all gone to shit.


    Did you read their latest monthly studio report?

    “With the first 30 days of 2016 behind us, we still have another 335 left to go. That leaves us plenty of time for new ships, new features, new missions, and new art to make its way into the universe.”

    They are practically promising feature creep and delays all throughout 2016. Those same “new ships and features” will be used as a justification for delay of SQ42.


    Can Star Citizen be made if the funding stopped? And they subsequently closed it…for not understanding game development apparently.

    I’ve said the same thing since my first blog back in July 2015 when they were at $85M. Not a chance.

    We’re at $106M mark now, they missed the Nov 2014 date by 15 months now. And this is just a small list of what they’ve promised and which are yet to be implemented in the game.

    And contrary to what people think, money is a huge factor into this and yes backers SHOULD be worried that if the money stopped flowing, they will never – ever – get the game promised. Ever.

    Star Citizen Release Date

    lir big

    Hello Pindleton,

    _ You can try reiterating your request by adding your thoughts about the ponzi scheme this all looks like, and more specifically the referral program, wich they can’t argue on that since they have absolutely nothing to give in return. They literally ask you to ask your friends to buy a non-existent product.
    _ The children companies they have on European soil are violating the EU consumer protection laws. You are in the US but nevertheless CIG as an international company is already violating several countries laws. It is not as it was proven true yet , but we all know they’ll loose in any court. They know that too.
    _ Also as Derek and the Goons suggested, inform them you’ll be contacting your bank and make them do a chargeback. And actually do it anyway.

    Give them as much as law related facts you can. Scare them, they only deserve so much.


    It looks like they are trying to bury that completely legitimate discussion, so they threw it into a katamari thread. The link in my OP was broken. Here is the new link to the discussion.

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