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    Well, a picture of the $20K cappuccino machine bought with backer money and which I first wrote about in my Star Citizen – The End game blog from Oct 2015, has surfaced online.

    “And when it collapses and companies start sifting through the debris in bankruptcy court or auction, my guess is that you can probably pick up that $20K (!) cappuccino machine purchased for the new LA office (the one where all work has stopped due to a dispute with one of the contractors), for less than $5K. No, I’m not kidding. They apparently have a $20K cappuccino machine that backers paid for. Because Chris always wanted one. Go ahead, ask him.”


    OMG!! LOL!! I died! 🙂

    lir big

    @Joe MacClintok

    Very good idea there are not enough debunk videos dealing about what was said before/after. You are pointing out some very precise issues we’re having with the man. Overall you have digged into the right stuff. This kind of video may help backers about their bad and short memory.
    If I may help you with one ‘bad’ criticism:  is about how you deliver the message. In its actual state your video will be enjoyed by us since we already agree with you, and by the sceptical ones.
    But making derision of the man will not be appreciated by the backers, and thus, won’t educate them. They’ll close themselve right away to the video, same as they did for the first set of videos MajorTom released.  You have to think the way shitizens think and then make your videos, always thinking on how about to deliver the message to them, with them hinting on it.
    The actual set of Major Tom’s video is becoming nice, he’s touching now not even the sceptical ones , but also the whales and shitizens. They’re starting to watch his videos from a neutral ground and not only from ‘ omg look, Derek over there!’ point of view.
    If you make fun of CIG, CR, Sandi, or Ben in your videos, the shitizens won’t even watch it.

    Anyway keep going, this one was nice, I guess the next ones will be even better.

    lir big

    [quote quote=2795]inally get his: If you spend something like 3k on virtual spaceship in a game that not exist yet, should you be more worried about SC than anyone here? Maybe a much cheaper alternative is to spend 2k on a rig, and the rest on ED? gaming gear, HD monitor, and steam sales?[/quote]


    Exactly the point .they’re just beeing blind to the truth. They would freak the hell out if they’d begin to question the project. it’s not fun to admit
    1) Putting 3k$ into non-existent virtual good might not be a so good idea. (even if the project is viable, come on ffs you don’t ask so much to people, this is crazy in itself)
    2) naysayers might be right and its even more freaky.

    lir big

    First yeah I stop to think, this is the reason why I went from standard backer to thinking of CIG this way now. You might surely understand that since I had pledged for SC there was a point in time I was confident in CIG right? Now thing is, I’ve started to question the project for myself when they failed to deliver SM back in march 2015.  From then I started to question more things, and you know what happens when you investigate stuff? you find some anwsers of wich you would have never imagined to be occuring in the first place.
    The backers are lied to by CIG; From then any expectation that would indeed be legit for any other game is beeing void in this case. What we are trying to say here is : stop thinking of this project as a game development and start to question it.
    Come on dude , they have failed every single deadline, they have NOT delivered starmarine though they have been pushing it for one entire year. How you call something that was promised and then nothing happen? I call it a lie. And they havent done this once, or twice, they have done it many many times. How could you still have confidence in them then? They don’t bring any anwsers so how are we supposed to understand wtf happens there?
    As for the evidences they are all around you, we don’t ‘fabricate’ any ‘proof’ here, and I remind you we are not in a court. These are just opinions. And if you can’t see the evidences I can’t help you. You might just indeed keep thinking CIG is perfect in everyway and that they will release the bdsse. Also if you really think CIG is solid then why do you even care about us saying bad things about them? This should not worry you as it should not worry backers at all.
    And to end this, do you really think Derek, me and other former backers are just enjoying our little crusade against CIG for the sake of bullshitting everyone??? It is not fun, beeing coned isnt fun, deiscovering someone you thought to be a good guy , and in fact is a fraud isn’t fun, and trying to free people’s mind out of this cult is far from beeing fun.
    Out of interest, how much have you pledged for starcitizen? Do you think this ‘affair’ would go this way if CIG wasnt asking for so fucking much  money for a pledge?


    Star Citizen is the golden prince of crowd funding indi dream, it is the ultimate man cave of true gamer, it is the definition of greatness itself, it will bring the final revolution to game industry, it must not fail, and too big to fail. Even it does, we will at least get Star trader, Star trader, Star trator, Star trader…

    Are you a real geek? If you are then it is your duty to help CIG to achieve the next funding goal, 200M. I will provide instructions on how to borrow money from bank and other finical institution.

    Great news to citizen, CIG is going to migrate to cryengine4 prototype, everything will be remastered like never before. New feature will introduce the first time ever the functional toilet. Limited edition golden toilet only $1000.

    Hanger integration into PU action is near. This feature will bring new immersion element to the exciting PU, hanger is no longer a passive ship gallery, it is part of the universe, it can be accessed by authorized or unauthorized means. Even if the player is logged out, the action continues, it is part of player’s consideration to properly secure their private property, so they don’t log in next day and find their ships are gone. The best way to pervert this is to subscribe the UEE security plan, for $100/NPC/ month, of course the more NPC you hire the better the result. Also hanger expansion will cost money so as the need to secure em, the bigger then hanger the more NPC it need to hire to protect it.

    New funding goal 300M for Star Citizen model kit series, contracted to Bandai.

    New funding goal 400M for creative dialog NPC generated by advanced AI.

    New funding goal 500M for life size mock up of constellation pharynx located near CIG HQ.

    New funding goal 600M for construction of Star citizen theme part near CIG HQ.


    Joe McClintok

    Inspired by Major Tom, I just loaded the following video to youtube HERE

    Hope you like it commandos!



    Get this: Every franchise had people talk shit about it, WOW, MLP COD, these are hated by more people than the number of Star citizen accounts, mostly hated by people interested in similar contents, just like ED vs Citizen. If someone don’t like your hobby that’s ok. They cant take your toy away from you.

    And get this too: People talk shit about SC or whatever, not because they clam to be saint or ass hole, they just enjoy to make fun of what they thought was dumb. And you have the right to do the same.

    Also get this: People’s intention when criticize something is irrelevant. We all try to one up each other, and to do so we don;t shout insult at you, we use fact that is not in your favor. In other words we hit of your short coming. Reality hurts that’s why its used to make you upset. The reason you are so insecure is because there is indeed some thing fishy about CIG.

    Finally get his: If you spend something like 3k on virtual spaceship in a game that not exist yet, should you be more worried about SC than anyone here? Maybe a much cheaper alternative is to spend 2k on a rig, and the rest on ED? gaming gear, HD monitor, and steam sales?

    Don’t forget this: If you are easily impressed by concept spaceship, I recommend you take a good look at deviant art or things of that nature, you can drool over the JPEG, for FREE.

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