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    It’s an interesting thing how he/they got such a momentum really.

    I’ll readily admit I’ve got a couple of ships in SC (so I got my stake in there) because I read about the project in an online game-site article way after the KS.

    But how did it take off to become such a huge project with a ridiculous amount of $$$ invested basically by internet people?

    It’s an interesting phenomenon if you take a step back and look at it from a realistic point of view.

    Not sure this question can be answered, but it’s an intriguing thing to ponder for sure!


    lir big

    Nope it was all bluff and barking. Like any dictator, they speak and shout loud because really, they have nothing consitent to say.


    Since Shitizens clinging to revisionist history, someone has done the legwork for them on Chris Robert’s “accomplishes” (Hint: it’s all bullshit really)

    The IGN article comments gave me a (bad) idea. What [i]are[/i] Chris’ game credentials, really? He’s often mentioned in relation to a lot of games, but what did he actually do according to the games themselves and the credits provided with them (as collected by mobygames)?

    Wing Commander (1990)

    • Design (Amiga, Sega CD), director (Amiga, Sega CD, SNES), graphics/3D Programming (DOS, Amiga), lead design (DOS), programming (DOS, SNES), producer (DOS, Amiga, Sega CD), software engineer (Amiga, Sega CD), space system (Amiga, Sega CD)

    Secret Missions I

    Director (SNES), producer (DOS, SNES), programming (SNES)

    Secret Missions II

    Producer, programming

    Wing Commander II (1991)

    • Producer

    Special Operations I

    Creative Director

    Special Operations II

    Creative Director

    CD ROM Edition

    3D System, graphics, lead design, producer

    Not given credit for: script, story, programming, direction, design

    Wing Commander: Privateer (1993)

    • Executive producer, original concept

    Righteous Fire

    — No credits

    Not given credit for: script, story, programming, direction, design

    Strike Commander (1993)

    • Cameras, cockpit, HUD, and MFDs, ,director, graphics ,library code, mission design, original outline, producer, RealSpace System programming

    Tactical Operations


    Super Wing Commander (1994)

    — No credits, other than for original PC version

    Wing Commander III (1994)

    • Castmember (DOS), director (DOS, 3DO), executive producer & director of movies, producer (DOS), story (DOS, 3DO)

    Not given credit for: anything in the Playstation version

    Wing Commander: Armada (1994)

    • Producer

    Not given credit for: original concept, design, programming, direction

    Wing Commander IV (1996)

    • Executive producer, director

    Not given credit for: original concept, design, programming, story

    Privateer 2 (1996)

    — No credits

    Wing Commander: Prophecy (1997)

    • Special thanks (Windows)

    Starlancer (2000)

    • Executive producer

    Freelancer (2003)

    • Original concept, special thanks

    Not given credit for: producer, (lead) design, direction, programming, story, script

    So, all in all, he’s only really “made” three games: Wing Commander I, Strike Commander, and Wing Commander III. Maybe his movie madness in WC4 should count as well. The rest, he has at best produced, and in many cases, he did nothing — especially not the design, original concept, or writing that people often want to bring up. His programming contributions ended with Strike Commander and the CD-ROM version of WC2.



    Has CR officially attacked DS again since the last debacle?

    MDrake SC

    With Derek and the goon leak’s ELE posts raising the activity level of white knights everywhere… the toxic $28,000+ backer, Wulf, has returned to make noise.

    Wulf has not only spent $28k on JPEGs… he also regularly sends CIG staff food and drinks. In this case

    Yep! I have proof!

    Usually happens when I send them beer… :p

    I know nothing about beer, so I ask the liquor store that does the deliveries for their suggestions.

    From the responses I’ve gotten from the CIG folks, they’ve been very happy with the selections. I think I pay around $250-$350 per pony when I order. So, we’re not talking Coors or Bud here.

    You read that correctly. He spends extra cash to send CIG gifts. This is the creepy behavior that we see on the surface. The ones CIG has hidden, hmmmm (in Derek’s blogs). If I knew where it was, I’d even post a video snip of Wulf bragging about buying more space ships with the CIG team live, and Lando looking at the camera with contempt.

    I am particularly curious what will happen to all of these $25k+ backers when CIG is forced to scale down drastically due to recent events. Though seeing how they worship CIG staff… they’ll continue to buy into each new JPEG sale a week. I’d much rather see how they will react when CIG closes down, but I think that day is way out in the distant future.

    I do not know where Erin Roberts is within this scam, but I sure hope he is just being complicit out of fear. If he is actually doing what he can to sustain it, or sell JPEGs… so much for someone that I heard such good things about. For his sake, I hope he does not ignore Derek’s message.

    For those curious, Erin worked on StarLancer in 2000, and watch the intro here, to get an idea of what can be done when he is the project leader.

    Chris Roberts is simply… pathetic.

    Hyco Cam

    80 episodes * 10 questions for 800 questions asked and answered.  Is there a flag for which of the answers have been implemented?

    Seriously, out of 800 questions, has even one of the been delivered to the backers?  I bet I know the answer!  If the question has to do with spending money, say something along the lines of ship sale–that answer has come to true.  Just as I’m sure that any answer dealing with gameplay has not, and will never, see the light of day.  Persistence has been right around the corner since the Wingman’s Hangar days.  If I remember correctly, the Austin team was testing persistence and allowing others to visit your hangar back in 2014.


    Someone put together this Star Citizen QA – Complete History Of 10 For The Chairman

    Try these queries.

    Note that 90 of that crap isn’t even in the game yet. $111M+ 5 yrs + 500+ people working on it at four studios around the world



    [quote quote=2796]Inspired by Major Tom, I just loaded the following video to youtube HERE Hope you like it commandos![/quote]

    .. it looks like “Ten for the DS edition”!


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