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    MDrake SC

    I have a happy Friday post to share with everyone. I do not know if the goons are aware of this detail or not, but I must share it. It’s just that good because I noticed it after coming home.

    Remember Sandi’s motion capture footage here?

    Well, from Reddit and MMORPG, we have a SQ42 script leak.

    Sandi’s mocap footage matches the leaked script. From 0:03 to 0:45, it matches the lines 1516 to 1523.

    It also includes the Morrow Tour at line 140.

    As an extra bonus, I found this video elsewhere. I did not know Gary Oldman was… that amazing as an actor. His talents are 90% wasted on SQ42, and even more so under Chris’ writing.

    Things must be pretty bad at CIG for something like this to slip out. No build process, code base and branches in shambles, refactoring code (incorrectly). I hope you all enjoyed this tiny little tidbit as we slowly move towards the ELE.


    SJ Parkinson

    Here’s a couple of interesting pictures. Even the devs word can’t be taken literally.


    Hyco Cam

    Everybody Love Everybody


    so  after many attempts  i still keep getting the runaround from  customer service on a refund  so fuck em i did a chargeback

    also posted it on there forums    lasted about 1 minute  before it was removed  but  i  screen shotted it for prosterity  but not sure how to post screen shot here



    and now this

    Really  WTF

    24 hour ban from the forums  oh dear what a naughty boy ive been


    Hotsauce ShoTYME

    Going to go out on a limb and guess the E.L.E. has something to do with the bullshit funding number, money laundering,rackateering  and government agencies.


    I haven’t watched the latest RTV or ATV, because I think they’re not really useful.

    I’ll go watch them now though to see for my self!


    lir big

    I didn’t mean it at all in this way.
    It sounds an extreme comparison indeed, like a whole stuff going on with SC good or bad. But it wasn’t out of nowhere, I invented nothing there, and was first revealed by former employees and actual sources. About his bad and explosive temper, the way he dictates how the things must be from A>Z  it can’t work. The way he doesn’t need to listen to any advices, etc. it’s all in TheEscapist article.
    Have you watched the last RTV ? Ben is scared to death. Another hint look at all of them  from 3 years ago and compare to now, dig into the whole lot of 10 for dev/artists/designers/etc , see for yourself. In the latest  ATVs Brian Chambers looks like he hasn’t got a rest for like never.

    No more official attacks; but he said something about letting the naysayers -aka DSmart- do their noise, since they are building the bdsse anyway-so they say.


    [quote quote=2825]Nope it was all bluff and barking. Like any dictator, they speak and shout loud because really, they have nothing consitent to say. [/quote]

    Not sure I agree with your notion that CR is a “dictator”, that seems a bit over the top and really kind of disrespectful to people who have actually suffered under a real dictator, but I get your point.

    So no more official bits to share then I assume.

Viewing 8 replies - 481 through 488 (of 1,083 total)
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