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    Ranger Man

    The power of deluding oneself is enormous in humans, Atro. Citizen Con (does that stand for Confidence game <G>) is October, only four months away.

    No technical hurdles like network code.  I guess a helmet floating in space, pushing NPCs through walls is not technical and accepted game play.

    MOCAP and animations completed – hmm, ask the devs.

    Teams are streamlined – well yeah, a lot have quit so there are lots of vacancies.

    Linear storyline – It still takes tons of stuff to back up that linear storyline

    CR knows what he is doing – I died laughing here. First, all the proof we have that he doesn’t know.  Second, he did not do all of WC.  Someone else was project lead and probably kept CR in check.

    Having to invent tech???? Uh, everything I’ve seen has been done before by many other companies – and better.  Mass effect, COD in space, No Man’s Sky, etc.  all coming out soon.  They don’t have headless helmets and falling through boundaries such as wall and  floors.

    Aeonmoon – “Game development is hard to predict, especially in this case where new ground is being broken outside of the standard game recipes.”  Uhh, you mean like headless helmets, walking through walls.  Sorry most games don’t have that because it’s not supposed to be there.  If you want it you can turn off clipping if the game allows it (Quake II did).  FPS – hmm, Castle Wolfenstein anyone – the first FPS I played.  MMO – WOW, other online games going back to what, the 90’s.  Persistant Universe – been done before.  You mean it’s hard to predict when you incompetent, micro managers running a company.






    I think some of these guys are finally coming to grips with what I’ve been saying for months now; that neither Star Citizen nor SQ42 will see a 2016 release. Not that I expect either of those to actually see any final release.

    Anyone who didn’t get a refund before that Dec 2015 release of the disastrous mPU, only have themselves to blame.

    But I swear some of these guys are messed up. I mean seriously, this is precisely why they keep getting fleeced. I mean, read this shit.

    Here, I’ll just quote the resident Goon (Jones.Something) transcriber’s synopsis from the latest AtV 2.35 broadcast:

    This guy isn’t paying attention.

    Sean Tracy talking about AI in Squadron 42:

    – we need them having CONVERSATIONS with you

    – we need them giving you MISSIONS

    – we need… ah… all level of… all levels of different INTERPLAY between it

    – we’ve got so much CONTENT that we HAVE TO GET IN

    – we have to figure out the BEST WAY to get it in


    – we’ve got… hours and hours of GAMEPLAY that has to play between the two

    – we have to be very intelligent over how we actually implement this

    Brian Chambers talking about Squadron 42:

    – we’re creating a system from the foundation

    – a lot of that focus has been on, is ‘OK, what is that SOLID FOUNDATION’

    – all that with AI in it, that’s just… MESS

    Sean Tracy on Squadron 42:

    – we have so many questions like that…

    – if you’ve gotta wait a few hours for that answer you can’t just really quickly COME UP WITH A NICE DESIGN PLAN

    But yeah, it’s totally going to launch this year, GET IN THE BACK OF THE VAN


    That’s from the latest AtV, posted yesterday.

    Of course cultists don’t pay any attention to what the devs are actually saying, they just “read between the lines”, skip to the stuff where Ben talks about Dreams, and then make shit up.

    Listen to what the devs are saying, look at the videos from every single patch that’s been released for 2.4 (all 19 of them), look at the screenshots… I mean goons aren’t making this stuff up, it’s right there for everyone to see.

    Senior staff leaving, art people leaving, 60 odd vacancies on their company site for the entirety of 2016, terms of service being changed, a AUS$40,000 refund a few days ago, stolen artwork, cancelled E3 appearance, Star Marine touted for a year and then vanishing, paid for ships overdue by years, broken engine, broken networking, obsolete and broken patching system…

    And the really fucked up part is that’s just the stuff that’s out in the open – and it isn’t even the half of it.

    What else is there?

    Fake funding chart

    Ex-employees on the record about everything from nepotism to racism

    Customer service reps lying about chargebacks being fraud

    Customer service tagging users based on off-site activity

    Customer service stalking users social media

    The company director pleading for tier one devs on a youtube video before fucking off on holiday

    Company premises and equipment used for the boss’s wife’s fledgling film career

    Mocap studios and equipment bought and paid for yet sitting redundant and unused

    Ben Lesnick, Developer

    And that’s still not even the half of the stuff that’s out in the open. Feel free to chime in with more, maybe we should make a list. And the fact that there’s more and it’s worse, but it can’t be spoken about in the open without fucking up someone’s career and life puts this whole thing beyond BEYOND fucked.

    There is no game coming out of this, EVER. It couldn’t be more fucked if its name was Fucko McFucked, born to Mr. and Mrs. Tits-Fuck McFuckyface

    Meanwhile in the latest patch they’re about to release to live…




    Another day, another uncovered art plagiarism accusation.


    Another day, another Star Citizen CS gem. So Major Tom (maker of hilariously unflattering videos) has been banned



    This is what’s in the latest patch, and which they’re now saying is in the final stages of release.

    Ranger Man

    CIG needed to hire them – give them $100.00 and they could have done all the promo but then they probably would not have let Sandi act in their movies.


    Martijn Otto

    I really am looking forward to see what happens next with this little gem: The Drake Dragonfly will go on sale Friday, June 17th at a price of $35.

    How much income will this next picture generate CIG?


    They are going to do what they’ve always done: release it with known bugs and issues. Hey, it’s pre-alpha; so it’s perfectly OK

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