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    lir big
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    Uhahahahaha Another BIG fuck-you from EA to Sir LordKinggod Chris Roberts.
    Indeed Fuck You CR all the promises you made for SC is everything EA has made now, you’re a thief, a con man, an incompetent manager.

    _ upgraded morrow tour version lol
    _ Star Marine > Cr promised, Ea made it 🙂
    _ low gravity combat
    _ FPS (well its CoD)
    _ Space combat
    _ maybe dogfight in arenas?
    _ Stations/ships assaults
    _ seamless transitions
    _ etc

    Thanks you EA, you’re an ‘evil’ publisher but I like how you’re giving the finger to CR. It’s only fair after all those years of lies from the incompetent fool.

    Ranger Man

    Thanks for the heads up but there are many issues with ME:A.


    It’s characters not only have heads but clothes.  They have female characters.  The animation is very close to real and does not have the jerky movements or department store dummy features..  The buggy can actually be driven?  Where are the scenes when your character is frozen while a seat rotates and you get in?  Where is the ability to go through walls and spaceship hulls?<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”> I’m not sure it will be successful</span>




    No doubt you have seen the Mass Effect reveal.

    Ranger Man

    That should be “meanwhile back at the Kool-aid jug”.  The delusions continue.  I’m alright with no game.  They haven’t spent it unwisely, blah, blah, blah.  All posted by people who have no ability to look at facts and put them together – or more correctly won’t put them together – and have no idea of how life really works.  “I trust people” – yeah,, well that doesn’t mean they are trustworthy just because you think they are.

    I think CR and gang are getting ready to leave the country with what’s left.  Maybe the US can revoke their passports!



    I’m concerned about this game | The sad truth

    Preemptive apology about bad grammar.


    I backed it quite a while ago and back then had a gtx 770. The game was pretty laggy on it and the motion blur made me sick. All I could do was dick around in a couple hubs and look at my ship in the hanger. I come back a year and a half later with a gtx 970 and not too much has changed.

    For a game that promises the universe it’s funny that the actual additions are so few. I find myself on the website and am literally being sold some upgrade, some package, some ship- nonstop. I read about how the game was supposed to be done by 2014 but then feature creep kicked in.

    I read about the Cryengine being used and find out that it’s not so good at creating huge seamless areas. It’s also not really good at handling multiple connections so mmo style worlds are very difficult; likely for a project this size a whole new engine would actually need to be created in order to avoid the inherent limitations of the cry engine, that buggyness on my 970 is because the CryEngine can’t handle the uber-multiplayer, it’s the wrong tool for the job. As an example look at this list of CryEngine games: What do you notice about their nature? Unless, of course the goal is to keep creating shiny assets in the CryEngine creator to sell to backers for hundreds of dollars, again, it’s not really the right engine given the goal.

    These assets sold to players raise other questions: How will these items be balanced? Will the game just start with some players having OP items or will players that paid thousands of dollars get angry at the revelation that their spending offers no real advantage?

    I look at the original kickstarter page and find non-stop comments from angry individuals that the game is failing to deliver, has become a money sucking entity and is missing deadline after deadline. Many want their money back, but you see pledging doesn’t offer individuals the same legal protections that investors have. All early backers get is hype and small additions drip fed to them without a real deadline or clear route to success.

    Graphically the game is good but then again Star wars battlefront came out this year. The game play is casual but graphically it is amazing. Dare I say, better than star citizen? hell I get 70fps with the mod on. From a conceptual point of view techniques like photogrammetry make it easier to make a game today than than it did 2 years ago. In a way Star citizen is trying to be a game of the future but with the technology of today. Games that set reasonable deadlines that they force themselves to commit to get somewhere before ending up in development hell. You see, ambition isn’t a bad thing, but we can’t forget that time keeps flowing and technology keeps evolving: Time will be spent, effort will be made and ultimately we will find that new technology has come out and everything needs to be re-done. New cards will come out, new engines, new operating systems will be released and they will all require much code to be re-written, re-optimized, re-patched.The spaghetti will grow.

    In addition to that, in the further channels I read reports of heavy levels of censorship in star citizens forums. People asking about deadlines, progress, or anything really related to getting something serious done, towards final goals or to certain questions referring towards allocation of funding are generally swept under the rug. Only posts about ‘Ohh shiny’ or ‘I’m new, how do I do this’ or general nerding about are allowed. This is what really frightens me, when organizations have something to hide, you got your MLM’s like amway, Scientology, and North Koreas. You know something is off; something is wrong. There is an illusion being created for all those that are within but ultimately they are the ones being fucked over.

    You see when games normally develop you work on the core first, you make the world and you use placeholder models and ships and guns so that you know that functionally the game is fine. This is backwards development, I’m not sure this is viable, unless hype is actually the product.

    Reading about the history of the creator I find that he has a bit of a tendency to over promise, give grand dreams and ultimately, not deliver. Riding on past successes. He’s got that enigmatic L.Ron Hubbard personality that knows what his audience wants to hear and thats what he gives. This game will not be a failure, no, not for Chris Roberts, he’s already sold it and made the money there very little legal obligation to actually succeed.

    Remember that essay or project in school or college that you had to write and you spent all your time planning it and coming up with cool ideas but ultimately ran out of time and turned in a last minute, hurried up C grade effort? Your heart was in the right place but without discipline, foresight , and reasonable goals it kinda didn’t work out too well.


    * The website is pretty much all micro transactions
    * CryEngine is not really viable for the scope and MMO nature
    * Game balance is a concern with players purchasing thousand dollar ships
    * Kickstarter comments show massive evidence of disgruntled backers
    * Graphically the game is becoming outpaced by other games because technology continues and evolves as production methods become more efficient
    * StarCitizen’s forums are heavily censored against ‘dissident comments’ reminiscent of MLM’s, scientology etc.
    * Development appears to be backwards
    * Creator has a personality cult and a history of over promising and under delivering

    TLDR the TLDR: | development hell | microtransactions | Censorship | Wrong engine | Personality cult | Fundamentally issues with Core model

    Emotional outro: I don’t want this game to fail, it’s like watching a failing relationship. You want it to work but you know when it’s time to leave it alone and just sort of hope it fixes its shit sometime in the future, you highly doubt it but you kinda want it to so you just leave it alone.

    Final note: Again I have bad grammar, sorry. Pm me my mistakes and I will update?

    lir big

    lol you had me tick about. That kind of thing is totally within CIG doability  . It could have been the next big thing.


    All of those seem to indicate one thing, project management failure. There very well may have been a good one at the beginning, but it sounds like he/she departed early on without leaving any structure in place. They don’t even have standard conventions for friggin’ code writing? It’s a miracle they even got a tech demo going if that’s the case.

    It’s hard to believe a project can limp on for years without any actual leadership, but SC may be about to create history in yet another way. And seriously, these morons had multiple studios around the globe working on a single project. This is just one studio.  How in God’s name were they ever planning to fit it all together without even having simple naming conventions in place?

    There very well may be a great criminal case after this implodes if the part about basic planning turns out to be true. Such gross negligence would be evidence they never intended to release a finished game.  It would be like a contractor who agreed to build you a 10 story building in one year, but 11 months later he hasn’t even ordered the concrete yet.


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