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    Stan Porky

    That dog under the table is  being fed vast quantities of prime steak paid for with backers dollars.

    It certainly isn’t Lesnicks because if it was it would be skinny


    Yeah, it’s an on-going gag on Twitter. 🙂


    Yes, 2.2 patch is a botched and broken as was last reported.


    Doesn’t look like a piece of super sophisticated machine, is that worth 20k? Don’t know. Im sure there are other brand industrial coffee machine for much less money, and the question is why CIG did not pick it up from someone else for less than 5k? That sort thing is meant to pipe you coffee 24/7 20 years none stop, unless you are running a Starbuck, you just get urself the most expansive cup of coffee.


    Star Citizen 5v5 fps. Five years, $114 million. This is supposed to be an MMO. Seriously. Just watch.

    …five months ago…

    Star Citizen Will Have ‘More Lethal’ FPS Gameplay Than Call of Duty


    I woke up to a mass of emails, messages etc about the June 2016 ToS going live. Note that I had expected that they would do this. But I am literally shaking with rage as I read and compare the new with the old. I will have a blog up soon.

    In the meantime, all ToS related discussions should take place in this ToS thread. I have moved the ones that were posted here.

    This is bad. Very bad.


    German magazine Gamestar is still advertising Star Citizen with a release date of 2016 as if nothing happend:,48820,3273905.html

    They even pretend, developers already have playable “PG planets”. We all know this simply isn’t true.

    lir big

    “Ben Lesnick Developer.”  caught me again; truely never fails.

    About the Atro guy he’s the perfect example of why we gave money to CR in first place. Self conditioning forced by the use of technical terms usally known only by the gaming buisness industry.
    “I’m trying to read between the lines with all the information that comes out and really think we are closer than we think. ”
    So you would say with “all the information” this guy could have given some sources? yet after readingbetween the lines and sorting that out he can’t give more than a vague thought .
    “Than we think” . A shy attempt to declare the project is not progressing after all?
    “technical” hurdles : This is an instant in time when he’s aware he doesn’t have a clue of what he’s talking about. The use of the ” “.
    Then every point is fanboyism without any self questioning.
    He never gives any consistent sources to support what he’s saying, so you just have to take his word for it, the same way he took CIG word for it.
    Shitizens will say the sources are all over RSI website for anyone to see. But we know there’s nothing to find so you’ll have to speculate and this is what he’s doing.
    Indeed there is so much information – “all the information” as Atro says, that it gets people brains overwhelmed with 99% of irrelevant matters.
    For those who know a bit about intelligence and hardcore commercial methods, this is a way to brainwash and conditioning people’s minds .

    Then another condition that made CIG successfull, is by introducing technical terms you don’t know about if you’re not into software industry, and thus making it cool to use for standard backer. And since it’s cool to use and makes you smart then why not using them .

    _ Streamlined
    _ network code
    _ MOCAP
    _ Procedural Generation
    not in his post but still you hear that a lot :
    _  Alpha
    _ Pipelines
    _ Merging codes
    _ Persitence ( lol that one omg)
    _ so many more terms CIG is spoiling us with.

    I’m not a software engineer here, I don’t know wtf a “networrk code” is or a what “streamlined” does.
    But nevertheless it’s cool , I’m speaking like a developer now, I can interact with CIG and be and active part of the dream.
    So lets just take CIG and Shitizens words for it and pretend everything is Okay.

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