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    Daniel G

    OMG, more and more sales, one after another, it’s really beyond incredible how the whales keep on churning money into this black hole. They must be in desperate need of money as the sales just don’t stop at all, how people do not see this is beyond me, they’re really preying on the addiction of the people, any mobile freemium game looks like kindergarten compared to this.

    I’m also wondering how they’re gonna get SQ42 finished until the end of 2016, I’m pretty sure they’ll release like 3-5 missions to release something and then will say more coming in 2017. Get the preview now and btw recommend it to more friends…

    Hyco Cam

    More Idris’s and Javelin’s–shocker!!


    Sorry for the double post below. My first post didn’t show up for an entire day, so I figured the forum ate it like it did to MDrake SC.

    Anyway, in response to this post:

    “We have horrible REC grind. $165 super hornet and $150 gladiator ships that are clearly Pay 2 Win compared to $45 starter package ships. Next thing we might see is Squadron 42 broken into more parts than announced (3 currently?)… under the excuse of a bigger, complex, epic story. A trilogy or more to cover it all. Buy more mission packs! Private servers may cost a fee, subscription, license, or maybe require CIG to host them… There is no accountability in anything pitched.”


    The p2w argument could go either way. The gladiator is an inferior combat ship to the avenger, which costs half as much. Many people who are much better at the game than I actually prefer the Avenger to the Hornet, which is pretty insane considering the hornet costs even more than twice as much as the avenger. Yes, buying some ships will give you a stronger tool with which to fight, but in the majority of cases, you are paying 150$ for something you can earn in a couple of days playing the game with a 45 dollar ship. And saying that the aurora is 45$ is only true if you assume the game comes for free with the 45$ package.

    So in conclusion, you can either pay 150$, or play the game for a day or two for the same result. You could consider that p2w I guess, but it’s the least grindy grind I have ever seen in a game. I don’t play many games with grinding mechanics (I played S.K.A.T.E. once), but there’s no comparison to killing floor, cod, war thunder, world of warships grind mechanics, where you can play for a week and get nothing.

    Of course, this argument could become completely invalid overnight if they give out less REC.

    I think there is a big difference between ‘pay to win’ and ‘pay to not grind’. If paying money gives you power that cannot be acquired for free through game play, then that’s ‘pay to win’ and it’s bullshit. But if someone wrecks my face with a ship that he bought instead of earned, I don’t really care as long as it’s something I can get for myself for free. I mean, if you are playing a multiplayer game, I can guarantee 100% that you will eventually get stomped by someone who is either better than you, better equipped than you, or both. Whether or not that person bought or earned his ship doesn’t matter to me, other than the fact that him not having earned the ship makes it more likely that the person is better equipped, but not better, making it a more interesting fight that I still have a chance of winning.

    Basically, people buying constellations doesn’t make me cry that the game is unfair, it makes me want to go out and pirate that poor fool.


    btw, I noticed that the forum spam filter was flagging your posts as spam. I found like 8 of them in there. That’s why your posts weren’t appearing. I’ve modified the settings to prevent this from happening.



    I am curious why you keep focusing on the star marine module, saying it is canceled. It seems kind of like a tactic to trick uninformed people into thinking that the fps is being abandoned, implying that CIG has given up on implementing fps, when in fact the opposite is true.

    Actually I am not. It is canceled. Chris confirmed that himself; then clearly stated that it was going to be rolled into the PU. And unless you weren’t paying attention, the SM module was a lot more than just fps. Go back and read up on it.

    It has nothing to do with “fps being abandoned”. How is that even possible when fps (the old ver) is actually still in the game?


    I am curious why you keep focusing on the star marine module, saying it is canceled. It seems kind of like a tactic to trick uninformed people into thinking that the fps is being abandoned, implying that CIG has given up on implementing fps, when in fact the opposite is true.

    People who follow this debacle should probably know that the whole ‘module’ release system was to test out certain mechanics of the game individually before CIG was able to integrate them into a seamless experience. So the ‘dogfight module’ was released so people could play and test the ship flight mechanics before social interaction and fps gameplay was working well enough to release. The ‘social module’ was released to test social stuff like chat, emotes, server stuff, whatever. The ‘fps module’ was going to be released to allow people to test fps mechanics before they were implemented into the full game.

    For people who haven’t been following the game, saying the ‘fps module’ was canceled implies that fps mechanics are something CIG is having enough trouble with to suggest that they will never be in the game. This is very disingenuous because the fps mechanics are working and integrated into the game right now. I bolded that because it seems likely that someone whose only knowledge of the game comes from Derek Smart’s statements about the game would not ever have found out about this. The ‘star marine module’ is an afterthought to people who actually want to play the game, and the fact that CIG was able to skip that step is universally considered a good thing. Even by you, according to what you said in this comment you left on your End Game blog post, before comments were moved to this forum system:

    You were talking about what you would do if you were to end up as the head of CIG, and the first item on your dev plan states

    “01) Halt any/all production work on Arena Commander, Star Marine, Multi-Crew, PTU 2.0. No more updates…”

    Now that the game is past the point were ‘modules’ are even needed, why are modules suddenly so important? The only thing missing between the full game any backer can play now and the module you are focusing on are re-spawning near the fight, and a scoreboard. Right now, if you want to play fps, you can. The only difference is that you spawn a couple million kilometers away, and you need to fly there in your jpeg spaceship.

    Please explain to me how focusing on the lack of a scoreboard is anything but picking at straws.


    We have no clue how they’re doing their taxes. But regardless of how the money comes in, it is still considered taxable income.

    As to the tax incentives, I believe if they utilized it, then it would have been for Illfonic who did the ill-fated and canceled Star Marine module.

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