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    That is sandis I think.

    Chris prefers Italian.


    People kept asking me for the password. So I decided to just take offline until it was finished. I am adding new material from yesterday’s stream.


    Your story is all too familiar. In fact, they’ve apparently stopped doing refunds altogether and now have a template response.


    Yup. All paid for by backer money. He didn’t have any of that prior to Star Citizen.

    Daniel G

    @Derek, what happened to your latest blog, it was password protected and now it’s gone. Was it too explosive for CR/RSI?

    MDrake SC

    Fun time. Lets start with the Escapist article, “Multiple sources from within the company stated that the Pacific Palisades mansion that Chris Roberts shares with Sandi Gardiner is being paid for with funds from the company, along with the couple’s personal vehicles and personal vacations.”

    Now look at this picture, specifically the car behind…

    View post on

    As someone from a comedy forum said… “That is a goddamn 911 50th anniversary limited edition!!! You can tell by the rims. That thing starts at 125k USD, if you can even find one. Only like 1900 were made.”

    Looks like the disgruntled employees that went to the Escapist were telling the truth. I never doubted the Escapist and how they vetted their sources. Of course, white knights and Chris just can’t let this chatter spread freely.

    Chris has said “I’ve been lucky enough to be financially independent, driven nice cars and lived in nice houses. That’s due to money earned through royalties.”

    Chris is such a lovable guy. Puts his (formerly secret) wife as Vice President of Marketing, also as Human Resources Manager, so employees with valid complaints have nowhere to go. Hey Chris, nice move. Nice stream too.

    MDrake SC

    @ Paul Howlett

    If you used a credit card, ask your bank for instructions on a chargeback. I hear different banks have many different rules for them.

    Also, go into your RSI account, open the full details of your $125 purchase, and make a nice clean screenshot of all the details in it. I’ve heard from other people that got refunds, that CIG will delete your account before you are fully refunded, which means a loss of purchase records. You will need everything possible for a chargeback. Maybe even your email from Paypal.

    CIG is a dirty company, run by cruel folks. You need to be careful of any customer service tricks they may try. Even for $125.

    Paul Howlett

    @Mdrake SC

    Thanks for the information, I guess I have a long wait on my hands then if they still haven’t replied to you and you pledged an insane amount! Sorry but that seems like a lot to me.

    I hope you get your money back, I feel a little silly for worrying about my $125 now but my refund is on principle rather than amount or hardship. They’ve failed on so many promises and I seriously doubt they’ll even finish to a high standard what I want to see so it’s more about letting me down then anything else. I would have happily played something smaller in scope that could have actually been delivered.

    I guess I have to keep waiting, I’m in the UK so we’ll have to see their response. Failing that I might raise the issue with PayPal and see if there’s anything they can do.

    Thanks for the reply.


Viewing 8 replies - 1,057 through 1,064 (of 1,083 total)
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