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The image above is part of a converted movie posted from the 3.0 Evocati build. The original YT video was taken down via a DMCA strike by CIG.

Last night, CIG ran a multiplayer stress test where they claimed they were going to be hosting up to 64 player instances. After everyone stopped laughing, and making fun of them in the ETF discussion threads, they actually came out with this notice.

And like clockwork, not long after, the Tribe Of Gullible Backers, came up with this Reddit thread.

This is all propaganda which they hope will leak that they can somehow manage more than 8 clients on a server. It’s inconsequential and serves no purposes if it’s not playable.

This test would be like that time when Planetside2 decided to go for the GBWR with 1000+ people on the server. I was there. It was unplayable. The record was that the server could handle the connections, and clients could exist in game, not that it was playable.

They later set all the servers to 48 clients. And CIG said it would be “quality fun”. Yeah, everyone was laughing their asses off at the epic fail.

You can’t spawn most ships, especially multi-crew ships – at all. And those who got into the test, could barely move, let alone fly. And the QD response time is almost a full minute from the time you hit the command, to the time it actually processes it.

The fps for the test was worse than ever before, and the server instances never ran for more than a few minutes at a time without crashing.

They haven’t bothered to try and get performance metrics up for the standard 16 client instances per server. So instead, they’re doing increased client count stress tests, thinking that’s going to somehow be productive. It’s all a distraction. As I wrote in my Discord channel, basically they appear to be transitioning from using several low AWS tier instances, in exchange for higher tier ones, thinking that’s going to somehow improve performance. It’s like trading in 10 small Oranges for 1 large Orange.

I have already written extensively about why Star Citizen will never – ever – be an MMO. Like ever. And I recently expanded on that with even more damning reasons why it’s all blatant lies mixed in with pipe dreams.

And the bugs keep coming. It’s now four weeks to the December anniversary stream and the year end fund-raising, so they’re starting the hype now. My guess is that they’re either going to push 3.0 as-is into the PTU and piss off for the holiday, or hype it, then delay it into 2018.

3.0 wasn’t ready to go to Evocati at all. They did that as pure hype ahead of CitizenCon 2017 in order to give the false impression that it was coming soon. Going from Dev –> QA –> Evocati –> PTU -> Release, is a long drawn out process. Now we’re one month into Evocati and there are no indications that it’s ever going to get where it needs to be for it to hit the PTU, let alone release. Unless they just throw it out like they with with 2.0 back in Dec 2016.


The last patch was 2.6.3 released in April. Nothing has been released since. And if you look at the progress between 2.0 to 2.6.3, it’s easy to see that there was NOTHING substantial by way of progress on the “game”. And $164 million later, it’s still a complete disaster of a project.

11/03/2017 – Rather conveniently after CitizenCon, we find out what I’ve always written about. That the dev schedule, (previous version) was always pure and utter bullshit.

10/13/2017 – I wrote an article about the mess that is the 3.0 Evocati release

10/06/2017 – I wrote a post about the disaster of 3.0 released to Evocati on this date

08/29/2017 – I wrote an article about the disastrous GC2017 show, which highlighted the 3.0 build they were using

07/08/2017 – I wrote an article about the performance disaster that is 3.0; including why its release is in jeapardy

06/22/2017 – I wrote a post (based on a source scoop) about the disaster that is 3.0

04/18/2017 – 2.7 automagically becomes 3.0, aka The Jesus Patch

04/07/2017 – 2.6.3

03/31/2017 – 2.6.2

12/23/2016 – 2.6.0

11/02/2016 – I write an article that according to sources, 3.0 doesn’t even exist

06/13/2016 – Ben Parry denies that the game is in maintenance mode

04/03/2016 – I wrote a post on SA about PU being in maintenance mode

03/30/2016 – I write an article about the game being in maintenance mode

03/28/2016 – Lando denies maintenance mode

03/28/2016 – I wrote a post that the game is in maintenance mode

UPDATE: It comes as no surprise that on 11/10/17, they again changed the format of the dev schedule, making it even more confusing, while obfuscating the true state of the project.

Finally, as you may have heard during the final presentation at CitizenCon, we are going to switch over to a quarterly release schedule for the PU in order to provide content drops on a more consistent basis. To that end, we will be modifying the Beyond 3.0 Overview section to a new PU Roadmap that will show you exactly where the various features and additions will fall in our quarterly release schedule. If a feature requires more work, then it will transition into the next release. This roadmap will be posted once 3.0.0 goes Live.

I remember not so long ago when they were promising to do monthly update releases. It’s amazing that this is the schedule they have been using this whole time to mislead and lie to backers. Now it’s all obsolete.


A group of backers in the UK who were refused refunds, have been making good on their threats to take RSI to small claims court. Shortly after this person filed a claim, to which they responded that he filed against the wrong entity, they suddenly agreed to refund him.

It seems to be different in the UK than in the US, because CIG is the parent company and they have the same address in the UK, it cost me nothing to amend the claim to be at the parent of F42. Also it seemed to have worked, I got a ticket reply saying that they will now go ahead and refund me this morning, I’ll keep the claim open until i get the actual refund but it seems to be progressing at least

You all who have been following my documentation of this scam, already know that I have always said that there is no circumstance under which RSI will allow protracted legal action over this project, as it would be completely disastrous for them given the issues with the money and what has happened to it. If they can, they will just refund. Until they no longer have money to do so. Which is how a Ponzi scheme works.

And this guy filed for a refund about 20 days ago. Suddenly, he’s getting his money back.


As I have said these past two years, this whole thing is all about the money, and I would be taking odds that someone is going to be in some serious legal trouble when this project eventually collapses – or they successfully get sued. Given what I’ve heard, I also won’t put jail time out of the question. Especially given some of the people involved in this.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the 2016 financials filing by the UK entities attached to the project. A lot of Red flags have been going up in their financials since the Coutts loan (which I wrote about here) became public this past Summer. Clearly, as per the due diligence by the bank, that loan required them to restate quite a good portion of finances. So the 2016 filings have yielded even more questions. To the extent that, as per the analysis by a UK accountant, it appears as if over £2.4m of backer money, simply went up in smoke – and disappeared. You can read more about that in this four (1, 2, 3, 4) part series.

The Pioneer ship sale from the CC2017 event provides even more evidence that there are in fact a few whales (2000-3000) still propping up the project, and who are treating JPEGs like they were trading cards. It was still a disaster for them in terms of fundraising for the period. All metrics point to a downward trend. For a company that’s burning over $3m per month worldwide, and with no revenue stream to speak of, this is a problem. They simply won’t survive as they don’t have a finished product to sell. And they’ve already completely saturated the market base for this type of game. Hence JPEG ship sales.

About 4000-4500 out of 5000 made available
Concierge warbonds: 2000 of 2000 sold
Normal warbonds: ~800 of 1000 sold
Normal credit: 1000 of 1000 sold
GamesCom CitizenCon reserved: 200-700 of 1000 sold


So I had written an article about this show, and which was yet another tech demo display where NOTHING of the actual 3.0 game was shown or played.

After the keynote address, they showed a tech demo of a procedural city which, even with a single client, was running with horrible performance. And also a new ArcCorp preview. It’s hilarious to think that they did this same thing three years ago. This was ArcCorp back in 2014. Didn’t make it into the game. And this is Tony Zurovek talking about procedural cities. Yup, you guessed it – back in 2014.

I could write a whole paper about why the very idea of doing procedural cities at that scale and fidelity – in a real-time time game – and an MMO at that – is not only virtual impossible, but they don’t even have the tech to actually power it. Forget about the asset repetition, which was in full display; collision detect, physics, networking, preventing clients from actually going down there (Chris did say they couldn’t) like they can in ArcCorp, significant performance issues etc. And that’s not even an exhaustive list. If you’re thinking No Man’s Sky, don’t. Instead, go read a book or article about what they did, and why it worked in that game, despite some of the same issues.

Chris did say that this showcase was what was coming after 3.0. You’d think that he would actually be talking and showing the 3.0 which was supposed to have been coming out in Dec 2016. But that would be boring, since it’s not new hype. And from what we are now seeing in the 3.0 Evocati build, had they done that, it would have been another GamesCon 2017 type disaster – which won’t sell ships. Only hype and pretty JPEGs fund the game now.

That’s not all. They somehow managed to turn a fan convention into a snore-fest padded with pure tripe, and a lot of things they either already covered in AtV broadcasts, or which were better suited there. A pure waste of backer money.

Anyway, I have decided not to publish the article because a number of critical issues (e.g. they have now said that staff will no longer appear in external shows. Much to the chagrin of their Shillizen streamers, key people have left or are leaving etc) are happening with the company and project in the background. As a result, I was planning on including all that in the article, pending clearance and verification from various sources. However, with the anniversary sale and fundraising coming up within the next four weeks, I have decided to continue with my research into those issues and then cover everything in a single year end article as I’ve done these past years. It’s going to be amazing. Guaranteed. HINT: You were ALL warned about the E.L.E. It’s real. And it’s happening.


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