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    Once again, sources are telling me that the performance issues seen in the recent AtV broadcast (my analysis), are thus far insurmountable, and that they don’t know how this upcoming 3.0 patch (analysis of latest dev schedule) is ever getting released without that being addressed.

    More talk about access to moons and planetoids possibly ending up being #justanotherlevel via a menu option.

    Claim that if they were to release 3.0 within the “next 90 days”, that it would be an unmitigated disaster.

    I hope they release it – at least to Evocati (so I can get my hands on it).

    CryEngine is legendary for its performance issues in pure fps games. We’ve seen in the 2.6.x builds just how horrendous it can be with all these fidelitious models in it. Now go and add million plus polygonal planets.

    But Chris Roberts is arrogant enough to release 3.0, regardless of performance issues, then advocate to backers that they should upgrade their machines to run it. Most of them probably will. The rest will put in for a refund.

    And it doesn’t matter what state the deliverables are in, they’re just going off a checklist now in order to not run afoul of liability* issues. As long as they deliver an item promised, regardless of state or condition, they’re covered. That’s why Hangar, Arena Commander, Star Marine (LOL!!) and similar, aren’t getting frequent updates. In fact, the last 2.6.3 build was back on April 7th.

    *That OldSchoolCmdr guy on Reddit, wrote a pretty good summary of what he thinks; though he doesn’t think it’s a scam.