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    The new ToS has a switch of corporate entities from CIG to RSI; and it is not yet clear what is going on.

    Then yesterday it was discovered that, back in May (the same month that certain conditions in the previous ToS were set to trigger), Cloud Imperium Games LLC, the only entity operating in Texas (where the down-sized Austin live ops team is located), filed a certificate of withdrawal as a Foreign Limited Liability Company * in the State of Texas.

    *Foreign or Out-of-State Entities FAQs

    My foreign entity has decided to close its office in Texas and will no longer be doing business in the state. What do I need to file?

    If the foreign entity will continue to exist in its jurisdiction of organization, but will just cease to transact business in Texas, the entity may withdraw its registration by filing Form 608 (Word 106kb, PDF 74kb). Unless the foreign entity is a nonprofit corporation, the certificate of withdrawal must include a Certificate of Account Status from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

    You can create a temporary login at the site; then search for doc # 669908670003 or filing # 801701457

    As they did file a Form 608, this means that they’re not converting that entity to a Texas corporate entity.

    All of this is curious because that Austin office was rumored to be down-sized and ultimately closed a few months back.

    Now we have learned that Erin Roberts (who heads F42-UK) was just in Austin. Is this just some procedural entity cleanup/consolidation, or could they be in the final stages of closing the studio? If so, where are they going to handle live ops for the game? Certainly not in the LA office, since only a bunch of clowns (no offense to those who aren’t culpable to this shit-show) work out of that vanity “head” office, while the teams doing the gamedev, are mostly located in CIG-Austin, F42-GER and F42-UK.

    More to come as we continue digging into this. Since the new eye-opening ToS conveniently appeared over the weekend, and going into E3, there isn’t much to go on.

    This new ToS, coupled with what I am now hearing from various sources, tells me that we’re now in the End Times. Which is precisely why I had written both Extinction Level Event and Condition Red blogs about the on-going situation.

    This is CIG. There’s always more; and it’s always worse.