I’m old school; so I take confidentiality very seriously. If you wish to contact me anon, about a scoop or something you think I should be aware of, please contact me using one of the methods below.

As a blogger and video game industry veteran, I have several industry sources. So I get lots of emails and messages sent to me from time to time. I don’t reply to all of them; and in fact, I tend to just delete anything that looks like time wasting bs. I do my best to verify and vet anything sent to me; that’s why I have several sources and resources at my disposal. So, sending me anything that even looks like a False Flag, or which has the appearance of bs, is pointless. I won’t read it; let alone investigate it. Also, given the nature of some things, if I request some verification, and you decline, that will be the end of our exchange. Please don’t waste my time.

I also do NOT discuss ANY confidential matters via plain text email. I DELETE them upon receipt.

For any/all non-confidential material, you can send me standard email, or contact me via social media (see bel0w).


1) Get a free throw-away (which you can abandon at any time, protect your anonymity etc) email account e.g. mailinator, hushmail

2) Get a free secure email account at lockbin and sign-up using the throw-away email account above

3) To contact me, login to your lockbin account, send an email to dsmart @ live dot com

NOTE: With a lockbin account that uses the same email as #1 above, you won’t need to create/send me an encryption key for the email to be read.


If you use PGP (e.g. gpg4win) in your  your email program, you can send me encrypted email.

Download my public PGP key and use that in your keychain to send me an encrypted email to dsmart @ live dot com


You can find me on my Discord server. No need to join a channel; just message me via my handle (dsmart#8647)

Facebook: You can message me on Facebook, though if you’re not in my friends list, it will get filtered into “Other”, and I probably won’t see immediately.

LinkedIn: You can message me on LinkedIn, but only if you are in my professional contacts list.

Twitter: I have open DM on my Twitter account