I’m old school; so I take confidentiality very seriously. If you wish to contact me anon, about a scoop or something you think I should look into or be aware of, read on.

1) Get a free throw-away (which you can abandon at any time, protect your anonymity etc) email account e.g. mailinator, hushmail

2) Get a free secure email account at lockbin and sign-up using the throw-away email account above

3) To contact me, login to your lockbin account, compose an email to dsmart at live dot com. Since you have a lockbin account, you won’t need to create/send an encryption key for the email to be read.


You can download my public PGP key if you use PGP (e.g. encrypted email programs.


I have several sources, and I get lots of stuff. I don’t reply to all of them; and in fact, I tend to just delete anything that looks like bullshit. I do my best to verify and vet anything sent to me; that’s why I have several sources and resources at my disposal. So, sending me anything that even looks like a False Flag, or which has the appearance of bullshit, is pointless. I won’t read it; let alone investigate it. The people I use to help do my research and investigation, aren’t cheap; and I don’t believe in throwing away money.

I also do NOT discuss ANY confidential matters via plain text email. I DELETE them upon receipt.


You can also find me on my Discord (invite code: 7nUXA9u) server.


You can also find me in my forums.


I have open DM on my Twitter account; and you can also message me via my Facebook account.